Freedom Post is an organization with the purpose of promoting the truth, defending individual liberty, and protecting the American way of life.

We believe in the U.S. Constitution, along with the national and democratic values set forth by the American Founding Fathers. We trust that personal freedoms are not to be taken for granted, and via various means, we plan to steadfastly defend those beliefs and values against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We strongly oppose and reject anti-American and anti-democratic views that have been promulgated by a number of hostile elements, both foreign and domestic, including the Islamic terrorists, Fundamentalist groups as well as their supporters, that aim to either quickly or incrementally destroy our American system of values- what the American Founding Fathers have studied diligently to establish, and many of their descendants, our military men and women, have honorably paid the ultimate prices to defend. Their effort and sacrifices simply cannot be in vain.

A practical part of our goal, and also our motto, is “to keep the citizens informed, the politicians honest, and the enemies away.”