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Muslims prey on helpless and defenseless victims

muslims-prey-on-helpless-defenseless-victimsMuslims prey on helpless and defenseless victims, from young girls to the elderlies, that would soon also include traitorous Libtards and their offspring, despite their wishful thinking, if the rest in the West let the trend continue, due to ignorance, passivity, and denial.

British girls got raped by Muslims on industrial scale

1,400 young white girls got raped by Muslims

2nd generation Muslim beheaded a 82 year-old grandmother in UK

Muslim stabbed and killed a 96 year-old woman in Denmark

Muslims beat random couple in Denmark with bottle and iron chains in the face (warning: disturbing graphics) then laughed in court.

There are now more than 100 Shariah Courts in UK, with Muslim laws allowing honor-killing, stoning, sex-grooming, enslaving women, voiding non-Muslim and women’s rights to properties and inheritances, etc.

Malaysia have been imposing Shariah Law on non-Muslims.

Same with Indonesia

Same with US. Shariah Law has directly challenged the US Constitution in 146 known cases so far (unreported figure was much higher and likely to be higher still in the future)

US Muslim so-called college students (Brooklyn College) salute ISIS (warning: some disturbing graphics)

2nd generation US Muslim killed 4 non-Muslims

US Muslim convert beheaded 54-year-old woman

US Muslim convert stabbed 2 old men just because they were non-Muslims