Obama directly responsible for San Bernardino attack

1. Obama directly responsible for San Bernardino attack

Jihadi Hussein Obama: fighting Climate Change a ‘powerful rebuke’ to terrorism.

While blaming climate change, discrimination, and Americans for the rise of ISIS which he and Hillary Clinton created, Mr. Hussein Obama is actually directly and unequivocally responsible for the brutal attack that killed 14 American civilians by 2 Muzzy terrorists Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

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Muslim terrorist attack inSan Bernardino, CA

Muslim terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA.


a. Obama discouraged “if you see something, say something” mantra with stunts like inviting the Muzzy clock boy fraudster Ahmed to the White House after he had a test bomb run in school. As a result, at least one of the neighbors of the terrorists, Mrs. Will Carr didn’t report the suspicious activities engaged by the Muzzy terrorist duo, for fear of being labeled a racist, as the common accusation employed by the Muzzies living in U.S., including the jihadist clock boy fraudster’s family, CAIR, and their collaborated, Sharia compliant, corrupted mainstream media in the West.

b. Under Obama’s order, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), led by Jeh Johnson, deleted intel records relating to notorious jihadists linked to San Bernardino Islamic terrorists Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, because they wanted to protect the “civil liberties” of members of the caliphate-supporting network.

c. Obama stop mosques surveillance program that would have uncovered radical ones, including Dar al Uloom al Islamiyyah mosque, ran by radical imam Roshan Abbassi who exchanged 38 text messages with Muzzy terrorist Syed Farook, in San Bernardino where Syed Farook, along with Elton Simpson & Nadir Soofi, the 2 Muzzy terrorists involved in the Garland, TX shootings, regularly attended.

d. Obama has been consistently fulfilling the Islamofascist Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC‘s agenda and mission of flooding USA with unvetted Muzzy jihadists masquerading as “Syrian refugees”, as part of the necessary ground work for establishing Caliphate Americana, despite multiple Muzzy terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, in complete contradiction to the oath of office he took to defend and protect the United States of America, its Constitution, and its citizens; in complete disregard of the opposing stance by the majority of Americans; against the Congressional testimony by, and recommendation of, the director of the FBI James Comey.

FBI director James Comey: Syrian refugees cannot be vetted due to lack of data.


Without doing his job to protect U.S. national security and public safety, just to add insult to injury and as if not having enough American blood on his hands, Hussein Obama now plans to put even more American lives at risk by focus on the gun control instead of control of the shooters, aka Muslim terrorists, despite the fact that the vast majority of the terrorist attacks worldwide and domestically have been caused by Muslims, and not by non-Muslim peaceful gun owners.

It seems Obama is more interested in attacking Americans and their rights to defend themselves, infringing on the Second Amendment and violating the U.S. Constitution, than attacking America’s enemies and the criminals. In addition, inquiring minds might like to know Mr. Hussein Obama’s hidden agenda for …

2. Demanding new gun laws while refusing to enforce the current ones


3. “The biggest threat to U.S. national security is sitting in the Oval Office”

4. “I got news for you, President Obama. UNDER YOUR LEADERSHIP, WE DO NEED GUNS TO KEEP US SAFE”

5. Survival plan under Sharia compliant Jihadi Hussein Obama’s regime

6. Ex-Muslim’s message to Hussein Obama

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