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Muslims desecrate flags of host countries

Muslim immigrants do not seem to respect the host country, its law, its citizens, nor its flag. For example, despite the fact that the host countries, and not their homelands, were doing them great favors by offering them asylum, they demanded that Switzerland and Sweden to remove the crosses from their flags. Yet, they had no problem placing their cult’s symbol on the American flag, for instance, thanks to their effective infiltrating of even American media & news organizations.

Muslims desecrate the American flag

Muslims desecrate the American flag

Working for the Dallas Morning news, Mike Drago, the Muslim who held  the position Assistant Editorial  Page Editor, placed the Islamic symbol of crescent moon and star on the  American flag. After many dismayed Americans started calling in to protest, he put on a lame disclaimer here However, his pro-Muslim, anti-US stance is clear, as only shortly ago, he tweeted ‘Anti-Muslim idiots and state Rep. Molly White have affirmed the worst  backwater Lone Star stereotypes.’

Here is another example of Muslim’s desecrating the American flag.

Huffingtonpost owned by AOL-Time Warner with $300 millions stake from Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, just like Al Jazeera, operated by Muslims, and teamed with former Al-Jazeera head Waddah Khanfar who has been long tied to terrorist organizations Hamas, Hezbollah, and Muslim Brotherhood, whose members, in turn, were tied to terrorist affiliated CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), and now facing executions by Egypt.

Maybe the intriguing circle jerks stop here, maybe not.