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Ruth Nasrullah-Muslim useful idiot

Ruth-Nasrullah-Muslim-useful-idiotRuth Nasrullah is another Muslim useful idiot.

1. Piece from San Antonio Express News, August 29, 2015, the exact same garbage rehashed from Religion News, August 10, 2015

The imam assured the audience that cemetery planners were going “above and beyond” Texas state requirements. A man in the back shouted, “You’re all liars!” <Indeed, Muzzies lie because their Islamic toxic death rape cult teaches them to. It’s called ‘taqiyya‘ and ‘kitman‘>

Farmersville is a town of about 3,300 with a median income of $42,000. Three-quarters of the residents are white. So is the protest really about Farmersville? Or is it about Islamophobia? <islamophobia is an oxymoron, and no, it is NOT just whites who fear (and loathe) you Muzzies> Are these the same angry people we see in towns across America scared of mosques and Muslims? <maybe, but can anyone really blame them, considering %49.9 Muslims support Bin Laden, and %38 Muslims support 9/11 attack that killed 3,000 civilians? Considering the death toll keeps climbing domestically and internationally?>

People in this rural part of Texas are not the first to fear the unfamiliar. In his book “American Panic: A History of Who Scares Us and Why,” Mark Stein examines the history of American bigotry. He quotes a 19th-century politician saying Catholicism will rob Americans of rights <well, the toxic Islamic rape death cult not just robs non-Muslims of their rights but also kill them, enslave their women, subject them to Sharia Law which permits murderring their own wives and daughters (in ‘honor’-killings), and unlike the quote, these are all facts with overwhelming evidences in U.S. and worldwide>, and writes about a New York business owner who saw Chinese immigrants as “ready and anxious” to step over Americans “to possess the land.” <well, unlike the Chinese immigrants, you Muzzies ACTUALLY took over non-Muslims’ lands, status post immigration and over breeding, and established no-go zones in U.S. and in Europe>

At the meeting, a woman faced Abdur-Rashid. “Everywhere you have been, you’ve caused some kind of problem. It’s not going to happen in Farmersville.” <Indeed! No truer word has been spoken!>

“With all this opposition, why do you want to stay here?” asked another.

It was a very serious question that ignored the basic right of American Muslims to live their lives freely <really? Not when the substantial percentage of Muslims in U.S. commit rapes, murders, terrorism, and jihads in U.S. or abroad, like they have been doing for years, and for that reason, they shouldn’t be called Americans, either>. That’s what Islamophobia is really about: You don’t belong here. This is our land, our water, our country <Islamophobia is an oxymoron, much like saying ‘Islam is the religion of peace’>

It’s a well-worn logic used by every discriminatory, hateful group <as hateful as killing all those that refuse to follow some toxic death rape cult?>. All this is mine, and I will do whatever it takes to keep your hands off it. <sure, if you are a thief, a murderer, a rapist, a terrorist, or a toxic cultists>

Although such bigotry is part of our history, justice is a fundamental American value. But justice for victims of suspicion and prejudice has never been achieved without effort <how about justice for victims of terrorist attacks? little event like the Boston Bombing or the Fort Hood Shooting or the Chattanooga Shooting or the 9/11 attack or nearly 27,600 attacks since 9/11?>. I urge us all to strive to keep anti-Muslim rhetoric from becoming normalized. Islamophobia should never be acceptable <and neither should murdering, raping, throwing gays off buildings, killing own wives and daughters (in ‘honor’-killings), or bestiality. Again, Islamophobia is an oxymoron>

At the town hall meeting, a Farmersville resident who opposes the cemetery told me she was suspicious of the Buddhist meditation center in town because they’re “too quiet.” She wasn’t too sure about the Mormon church either, because “they’re never there.” <Uh, and likely 310 millions of American residents across U.S and 5.5 billions of non-Muslims worldwide, including Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Christians, are strictly suspicious and distrustful of you Muzzies, and not because you Muzzies are “too quiet” [quite the opposite, actually] nor “never been” to your mosques, either!>

“When people are too quiet I think they’re up to something,” she said.

Raise your voices, Ameri- cans. For God’s sake, raise your voices. <not until you raise yours first against atrocities committed by your own kind almost daily around the world>

2. Piece from Reuters

A rally at the Texas Capitol on Thursday by Muslims seeking religious tolerance was repeatedly disrupted by a small group of protesters who said the state belonged to followers of Jesus Christ and that Muslims should go back to the Middle East <or anywhere else where the Muslims can live under their own Sharia Law and continue killing each other like they have been doing for centuries, without interfering with, and imposing on, non-Muslims, indeed. Only sensible and NOT a wrong statement>

During opening remarks at the Texas Muslim Capitol Day event, a Christian activist from Michigan grabbed the microphone from the speaker and said: “I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the capitol of Texas. I stand against Islam.” <again, nothing wrong with this statement, either, considering the context, both domestically and internationally>

A group of people who described themselves as Christian activists also heckled the group of about 600 who showed up for the rally. The protesters shouted as the Muslim group sang the national anthem and then tried to interrupt speakers calling for religious tolerance.

Some of the protesters shouted: “Go home. You ain’t going to be happy here.”

There are about half a million Muslims in Texas, according to some estimates, with many being in the state for several generations. <prove it! still, many 2nd to 4th generations of Muslims living in the West have committed jihads and terrorism, so length of time living and settling in the West does not make a difference in Muslims’ tendency to initiate violence, terrorism, as well as to subjugate and impose Sharia Law on non-Muslims>

The Texas Department of Public Safety said no arrests were made at the event.

“As soon as I got to the lectern, that woman came and grabbed the microphone out of my hands. It made us feel a little unsafe <more so than hundreds of thousands of victims killed by Muslims worldwide, including in U.S., annually?>,” said Ruth Nasrullah, a spokeswoman for the Houston branch of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, which helped arrange the event. <ah, the Muslim useful idiot is the spokeswoman for terrorist designated CAIR in Houston, ’nuff said!>

Some U.S. Islamic groups have reported stepped-up harassment since deadly attacks by Islamist gunmen at the offices of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket in Paris this month. <that is unexpected?>

“This reinforces that rhetoric and propaganda about Muslims is really gaining traction,” Nasrullah said. <facts and truths are NOT rhetoric and propaganda, but your taqiyya is!>

The Texas Legislature was not in session on Thursday, but one lawmaker, Republican state Representative Molly White, wrote on her Facebook page that she had instructed staff members how to manage any person who came into her office from the rally. <yep, and this is her sensible response>

“Ask representatives from the Muslim community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws. We will see how long they stay in my office,” she wrote. <excellent idea, Mrs. White!>

In neighboring Oklahoma, state Representative John Bennett, a Republican, spoke out in January against the Oklahoma chapter of a national Islamic organization, calling on leaders to condemn verses of the Quran <which is full of hateful and violent verses, so it only makes sense>

In September and October, Bennett told media that Islam was a cancer that needed to be “cut out” of America <no truer word has been spoken!>.

3. Piece from 

My name is Ruth Nasrullah. I am a convert to Islam <big mistake, according to many former Muslims, including Mossab Hassan Youself, son of Hamas leader>, a journalist, a blogger, a New Jersey native living in Houston, Texas. I have a masters degree in journalism and a master of fine arts in creative nonfiction <apparently, more education still didn’t help your low I.Q.>. I was one of the first seven bloggers on MuslimMatters back when it was an itty-bitty blog and it is my honor to return to what is now an international, award-winning web magazine.

From 2013 to 2015 I served as the Communications Coordinator for the Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) <ah, the terrorist affiliated CAIR. ‘Nuff said!>. While with CAIR I heard from colleagues that our goal should be to “work ourselves out of a job” – in other words, to create a world so just that no one need fight for basic civil and human rights <actually non-Muslims might continue fighting for their basic civil and human rights robbed by Shariah Law, terrorism, and violence inflicted by you Muzzies>

America is also a nation built on a bedrock principle of fairness. When the majority of Americans see issues clearly they make fair judgments and decisions. The key to sustained freedom is to bring a message of truth to the public, loosening them from the grip of bigoted ideologies <the toxic death rape cult?>.

As we face increasing anti-Islam sentiment <ugh, what do you expect? For a different outcome, stop murdering, raping, stoning, terrorizing, ‘honor-killing’, gay throwing, Sharia Law imposing, welfare cheating> it is our obligation and privilege to share the message that will make a difference, as we are compelled as Muslims to do. Hence Muslim Voices Matter.

I want to hear the voices of MuslimMatters readers of all religious, national and political backgrounds <no, you don’t!>

I wrote recently about an incident that’s typical of recent protests against planned Islamic centers. The outcry against a Muslim cemetery in a north Texas town demonstrates hallmarks of Islamophobia <again, Islamophobia is an oxymoron, much like saying ‘Islam is the religion of peace’>, in action: blind bigotry <no world religion nor cult can beat Islam death rape cult in bigotry, come on now>; propaganda spread by community leaders; repetitive and uninformed anti-Islam rhetoric; and, importantly, the muting of citizens who support Muslims, whose voices are often not as loud as the detractors’.

The phenomenon of businesses – primarily gun shops and ranges – declaring themselves “Muslim-free” is spreading across the country, from Arkansas to New Hampshire. Make no mistake: refusing service based on religion is a violation of the Civil Rights Act <ugh, so what law is violated by murdering, ‘honor’-killing, raping, committing terrorism based on a toxic death rape cult?>. In a time when some of the Act’s provisions face erosion, the public must be reminded that “Muslim-free” is illegal and is as unacceptable as the “whites-only” and “no Irish need apply” policies of the past <has any of the non-whites, other than you Muzzies, or Irish committed murdering and terrorism en masse and systematically based on some toxic death rape cult?>