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Mr. Geert Wilders’ warning to America and 10-point action plan

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Mr. Geert Wilders’ warning to America and 10-point action plan, was delivered on April 29, 2009, Florida. USA. Many of his talking points remain true today for reasons that might or might not be obvious to some (Hint: Barack Hussein Obama was elected in 2008 and reelected 2012.)


I. Mr. Geert Wilders’ 10-point action plan

1. Stop cultural relativism. Acknowledge the fact that not all cultures are compatible with each other, and that Western dominant culture is rightfully based on the Judeo-Christian principles and humanism, and not on Shariah laws and savagery.

2. Stop pretending Islam is a religion. Islam is NOT a religion but a totalitarian political ideology (%90) masquerading as a religion (%10) with religious rituals. Therefore, it should be recognized and categorized as such, so that religious freedoms enjoyed in the West do NOT apply to Islam.

3. Stop the lies, taqiyya, propaganda and educate the public about the true face of Islam. While Islam is not comparable to any of the major true world religions (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism), it is comparable to other totalitarian ideologies (Fascism, Communism).

4. Stop mass immigration from Muslim countries.

5. Outlaw Shariah Law and deport its practitioners.

6. Ask immigrants to sign legally binding pledge of integration and allegiance to their new home country.

7. Stop building new mosques (many of which function as jihad centers that preach hatred, violence, and terrorism against non-Muslim host country) unconditionally.

8. For each new mosque to be built in the West, Saudi Arabia needs to reciprocate so that a new Church or Synagogue is built there.

9. Close all Islamic schools (many of which are madrassa, or Islamist brainwashing and indoctrinating setups to seed hatred, spread Wahhabism, and theologically train future jihadists)

10. Get rid of the weak, traitorous, corrupted, Shariah compliant leaders in the West.

II. Full speech, video:


III. Full speech, text:

‘I wish I had come to a place they call they call ´sunshine state´ with better news but it would be very unwise to deny that the situation indeed is very gloomy, and it might take a while for you to understand the situation that we are in now. Maybe you as Americans still think that Europe is a place with a great culture and a profound way of looking at things. Maybe you see immigration as something that is inherently good for our country as it contributed so much for the United States, and I understand that. But Ladies and Gentleman the Europe as you know it from visiting Europe or from stories from your parents or friends or whoever, is on the verge of collapsing.

We are now witnessing profound changes that will forever alter Europe’s destiny and might send the Continent in what Ronald Reagan once called: “A thousand years of darkness.”

And the takeover of Europe, that is currently taking place, is part of a global fight, a global fight of Islam for World domination.

Let me tell you first, that Islam is not a religion. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology. Islam hearts lies at the Koran and the Koran is a book that calls for hatred, that calls for violence, for murder, for terrorism, for war and submission.

The Koran calls upon Muslims to kill Kuffars, non-Muslims. The Koran describes Jews as monkeys and pigs, and Churchill, and I agree with him, Churchill compared the Koran, the book in the 50’s, to Adolf Hitlers book Mein Kampf.

Ladies and Gentleman the core of the problem with Islam is twofold, First, the commands of the Koran are not limited by place or time, they apply for all time, to all Muslims of the World.

Second, the Koran is Allah’s personal words that leaves no room for interpretation, therefore, there is not such a thing as a moderate Islam. Of course, there are many moderate Muslims, but a moderate Islam does not exist.

As the Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan once rightfully said, he said: “There is no moderate Islam, Islam is Islam”

Apart from the Koran, the life of the Prophet Mohammed is very important for you to understand, in order to understand this terrible ideology. Mohammed plays the crucial part in this Islamic totalitarian ideology. Mohammed in fact is the role model for all Muslims in the World but, who was Mohammed? Mohammed, in fact was a pedophile, was a conqueror, was a Warlord and in establishing Islam he preached violence and the slaughter of non-Muslims.

He took part in 78 battles and slaughtered the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayzah and Mohammed once said and I quote: “I have been ordered by Allah to fight against people until they testify that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammed is his messenger”

And, indeed, Mohammed’s behavior inspired Iran’s former leader the Ayatollah Khomeini to say and I quote: “The purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah”

And Mohammed’s behavior and the Koran inspired Jihadists all over the World to slaughter innocent people like they did in Washington, in New York, in Madrid, in London and in Mumbai.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Islam has always intended to conquer Europe and it has done so for centuries.

The Christian city of Constantinople fell in the 15 century and now in the 21st century. Islam is trying again, but this time, not with Armies, but through the application of Al Hijrah the Islamic doctrine of migration. As expounded so masterfully by my good friend Sam Solomon in his. The doctrine that is based on the example of Mohammed who himself migrated from Mecca to Medina.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi said and he unfortunately is correct, and I quote: “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe and there are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe, without swords, without guns, without conquest. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn Europe into a Muslim continent within a few decades” Ladies and Gentlemen, unfortunately Gaddafi is right.

The Al-Hijrah doctrine is and has been very successful in Europe for the first time in World history there are dozens of millions of Muslims living far outside the dark area of Islam, the Islamic World, and that poses enormous problems to the West.

Ladies and Gentlemen Al-Hijrah may be the end of the western civilization as we know it, for Islam is not coming to our societies to integrate or to assimilate but wants to dominate, and wants to submit us all, and the most dramatic situation is the one in Europe today.

My country is in the process of becoming Hollandistan as Europe is becoming in the process of becoming Eurabia. Only 12% of the German Muslims see themselves more German than Muslims, and churches throughout Europe are emptying out whereas Mosques are shooting up like mushrooms. Many evil phenomena such as Burqas, honor killings, female genitalia mutilations are becoming more and more prevalent. Sharia testaments, Sharia mortgages, Sharia schools, Sharia banks, Sharia courts and even sharia Barbie dolls – Europe has them all today.

And I have not even mentioned the fact that for instance 70% of all crimes in the European city like Copenhagen are committed by Muslims. Indeed, we let in the Trojan Horse and the free World is now facing a Stealth Jihad, the Islamic attempt to introduce Sharia Law, bit by bit.

Allow me to give you a few examples also of the Islamization here in the United States:
Muslim taxi drivers in Minneapolis have refused over 5,000 passengers because they were carrying alcohol. Muslim students are demanding separate campus housing. Muslim women are demanding separate hours and gyms, and swimming pools. Schools are already banning Halloween and Christmas celebrations. Indeed, schools are taking pork off their cafeteria menus to avoid Muslim students.

Ladies and Gentlemen, be aware that this is only the beginning. If things continue like this, you will have the same problems that we are facing in Europe today. And if we do not stop the process of Islamization, I am sure we will lose everything, we will lose our identity, we will lose our culture, we will lose our Democratic Constitutions, we will lose our freedom, we will lose our Civilization.

In Europe we are already losing the fight for freedom of speech. We are losing the fight to criticize Islam and I think that criticizing religions and ideologies, always, always ought to be possible in a free World. Human rights exists for the protection of individuals, not religions and certainly not ideologies. so I propose that all the hate speech laws in Europe are to be repealed.

Europe ought to defend the freedom of speech.

In fact Europe should adopt a US model like the First Amendment. The difference between United States and Europe and the area of free speech is for instance shown by the example of my short film Fitna.

A few months ago, I was invited to show Fitna in the Senate, in your democratic Senate, by Senator Jon Kyl and in contrast to that the screening of my film Fitna was banned twice in the terrible European Parliament, and let us see to which the Freedom of Speech is exercised not only in Washington DC but also in Brussels and Strasbourg, and that is why we do need a European First Amendment.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is one country in our Western Civilization that has been forced to fight the forces of Jihad for its values since the very day of its existence: Israel the Canary in the Coal Mine. Let me say a few words about that wonderful country.

I had the privilege myself to live in Israel for a few years and since then I have visited that country many many times. Why? Because I love it, I do love Israel.

However, in Europe, being Pro-American, being Pro-Israel makes you an endangered species. Israel is a Beacon of Light in an area, the Middle East, that is pitch black everywhere else.

Israel is a Western Democracy, whilst Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and all the other countries in the region are medieval dictatorships. And the so -called Middle East conflict, as you all know it, is not about land at all. It’s a conflict about, once again, about ideologies. It’s a conflict and a battle between Islam and Freedom. It’s not about some land in Gaza or Judea or Samaria, it’s about Jihad.

To Islam the whole of Israel is occupied territory. They see Tel Aviv and Haifa as settlements as well, and I am very much in favor of a two state settlement solution but then the two state solution from Winston Churchill in 1921, when Palestine was partitioned into a Jewish and an Arab part, Arab Palestine, Ladies and Gentlemen, is now called Jordan and I think that Jordan is the Palestinian State.

Islam forces Israel to fight. Israel is not just fighting for itself, Israel is fighting for all of us, for the entire West, just like those brave American soldiers who landed in Sicily in 1943 and stormed the Normandy beaches in 1944.

Young Israeli men today, young Israeli Women today, are fighting for our freedom, are fighting for our civilization, and like Bosnia, like Kosovo, like Nigeria, like Sudan, like the Caucasus, like Kashmir, like Southern Thailand, like Western China and the South of the Philippines, Israel is situated exactly on the dividing line between Dar al-Islam, the Islamic World and Dar al-Harab, the non-Islamic World. It is no coincidence that it is precisely this dividing line, where blood is flowing and war is raging in many many areas.

And, we have to get rid of that politically correct fallacy that it is all about separate conflicts, it’s not. Let us please allow ourselves at least to see the big picture, which is, that all those conflicts, have to do with Jihad, Jihad in the spirit of Mohammed. Ladies and Gentlemen, Europe ought to fully back Israel to the hilt and help us fight against those that threaten it, whether it’s Hezbollah, whether it’s Hamas, or Nuclear Iran. Also, because of it’s history, Europe has certainly the moral duty and obligation to prevent at all cost, another Holocaust against the Jewish people.

Ladies and Gentlemen, still Islam is not our No. 1 problem, our No. 1 problem is called ‘Cultural Relativism’, the Elites that rule our countries have converted us to this sick philosophy a long time ago. Government leaders, Judges, even Churches, Trade Unions, Universities, the Media, all of them are blinded by political correctness and have chosen the side of Islam. They feel sorry for Muslims and pity them. ‘Cultural Relativism’ is weakening the West day by day. As a result of this ‘Cultural Relativism’ a little bit of the Free West dies everyday. Many Politicians, seem to believe, unfortunately, that their job is not to defend democracy but to help to make the transition to Sharia as smooth as possible.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am often asked whether I have any answers to all the problems that I mention or what those answers might be. Well, let me tell you, I certainly have a lot of answers. Here are a few things that I believe we should do in the West, to stop the Islamization.

First, I have already said it, we have to stop the idea of ‘Cultural Relativism’. Get rid of the misconception that all cultures are equal. They are not. Our culture based on Christianity, on Judaism and Humanism is far better than the Islamic culture. So we should stop it.

We should also stop pretending that Islam is a religion, sure, it has religious symbols, but it’s not a religion. It is a totalitarian ideology and the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam.

We should stop the mass immigration from Muslim countries. We have to stop it, today. No more immigrants from Muslim countries. We have to stop the Al-Hijah.

We have to encourage the voluntary repatriation. We have to expel criminals. We have to expel criminals with dual nationality even if we have to de-naturalize them and send them back to their homelands. I think we need a European First Amendment to strengthen our freedom of speech.

I think we have to have a contract, in any Western Country, a contract, a binding contract signed by everybody there, of Assimilation. We need a Pledge of Allegiance in all Western countries for people to adhere to our values as well.

We have to stop the building of new Mosques. We have to close the Mosques where incitement of violence is taking place.

We have to close down Islamic schools, for they are fascist institutions, where young people are brought up with an ideology of violence. And, last but not least, we have to get rid of the weak leaders that we have.

We have the privilege, until today, to live in a democracy, and let us use that privilege in order to exchange our own values.

We need indeed, in our Western World today, we need more leaders, we need more Churchill’s and we need less Chamberlain’s. We need strong leaders like we have here today, like Alan West and Adam Hasner, we need strong men like that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in short, we have to go on the offensive, my message of this evening is that we have to go on the offensive. We have to start fighting back, there is no alternative other than fighting back. We must no longer allow ourselves to remain seated in our armchairs and get trampled over. If they bombard us with Sharia Law as they do, then we shall bombard them back with our Human Rights and our Freedom of Speech. if they bombard us with all their court cases we will bombard them back with all our court cases, against them. We have to fight back and show them indeed millions, millions of people…..


I assure you that I will continue my struggle for Freedom, and indeed a struggle it is.

After Fitna had been screened for the first time last year, there were threats. Don’t ever dare to criticize Islam publicly, you will get threats of Economical Boycotts, your flag, like the dutch flag will be burnt all over the World You will be prosecuted, like I am to be prosecuted in my own home country, and also in France and Jordan, I face prosecution.

I have been barred from entering the United Kingdom, Lord Malcolm Pearson just spoke about it, but also barred from going to Indonesia.

The most radical Imam in the Netherlands is threatening to sue me and demanding a compensation, and a Parliamentary Bill, even today in the Netherlands in my own country, is currently being drafted with the aim of protecting Islam from criticism, and on top of all this, because of my view of Islam anybody else who dares to stand up and criticize Islam, Al-Qaeda is there determined to kill me, and others who speak out against Islam.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I told you I was going to be blunt, I was going to be tough, but there is no alternative for this. In spite all this bad news, fortunately there is also some good news I can share with you and there is no doubt in my mind that at the end of the day, even though it is five minutes to twelve, Freedom will prevail. There are already some hopeful signs.

For instance, last week, in my own Parliament in the Dutch Parliament, they accepted a motion, a resolution, proposed by my own Party, seeking to block any dialogue between Government Officials and Hamas. And, according to the most recent opinion polls, already for months now, if elections were to be held in the Netherlands today, my own Party, the Freedom Party, will be the largest Party in the Netherlands. So you might be looking at the next Prime Minister of the Netherlands. So, I ask you, if it can be done in the Netherlands, why not throughout the whole Western World.

If the Netherlands were the first country to end up the Multi-Culturalist Swamp why can’t it be the first Country to find a way out. Why are there not other countries where people stand up and win the elections and make some changes.

Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen, of course, we in Europe, we in the Netherlands, I myself, have not forgotten to whom we owe our Liberties. Our Liberties were bitterly fought for by American Soldiers. American soldiers fought, bled, and died for the European freedom. American soldiers did not die for an Islamized Europe, they died for a free Europe. We owe, we owe something to those brave men, those brave American men, their legacy can not be squandered and cannot be given away. The third President and his spiritual father of this great Nation, once said and I quote: “The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance” as so often Thomas Jefferson was right.

Our freedom must be safeguarded, and it is, we, ourselves, as we are sitting here, that must do so, that must act. A period of inattention of dropping our guard, for even a short while, might cost us our freedom, just like that. It has happened before in history, please let us not allow it to happen again.

Everything we stand for has to be defended, everything we are, everything we have, with all our might, our identity, our culture, our democracy, our freedom and our civilization is at stake.

We owe it, Ladies and Gentlemen, to our children..

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I leave you with the expression of our determination. We will never give up, we will never give in, we will never never, ever, surrender. Thank You.’

IV. References:













David Schanzer-Muslim propagandist

David Schanzer is Muslim propagandist Mr. David Schanzer is a Muslim propagandist to the highest degree. Together with Charles Kurzman, these 2 Muslim appeasing, terrorist sympathizing, facts ignoring, lies promoting, pedagogically sophistical village idiots continue parading their uttered nonsense and ridiculous reasoning to obfuscate the truth, keeping the “kafirs” in the dark just to please their Arab master and to hold on to their pseudo-academic jobs, betraying and selling America, their fellow countrymen and women, and the future of their own offspring for cheap. Thanks to these immoral liberal traitors, the Benedict Arnold’s of the Islamization millennium, the already dangerous world has become even more dangerous, and increasingly so.

The two-faced traitors Mr’s Dumb and Dumber were collaboratively and shamelessly spewing their propaganda nonsense here.

1. “Our research shows that in the year since the marathon bombing, there have been 15 arrests of Muslim-Americans for terrorism-related offenses, below the average of 20 arrests per year since 9/11. Almost all of these arrests were for attempting to join a foreign terrorist organization abroad, not for planning attacks in the homeland, and were motivated by sympathies with rebels in Syria and elsewhere rather than by al Qaeda’s call for Muslims to attack the West.”

The number of Muslim-American terrorist arrests actually increased, not decreased, as per terrorism on U.S. soil since 9/11. The updated statistics became available as early as April 2015, yet Mr. Schanzer intentionally and conveniently clung on to out-of-date, cherry-picked, heavily manipulated, falsely collected and controlled data (explanations below) that supported his agenda, in order to scurrily, deviously, and shamelessly cram his laughable and so-called pseudo scientific research into his writings and interviews even 2 months later in June 2015, hoping no one would have noticed and called him fouled and out into his face.

Hey David Schanzer, speaking a little too soon, eh jackass? Chattanooga shooting happened less than 4 weeks after you opened your lid, and 5 courageous servicemen lost their lives protecting freedom and America which were being sold for cheap by low-life traitors like you! You are not worth the national dirt on American soil they proudly walked on and died in. 

2. “There also has been no epidemic of al Qaeda inspired extremist behavior directed at American civilians. While only one year has passed, much of this concern appears to have been hyperboleNo one has been killed by homegrown terrorists in the past year and there have been no copycat attacks.”

-And the increased security as a deterrent measure has nothing to do with it? Out of stupidity or willful omission, (or both), Mr. David Schanzerzer totally ignored the effect of increased security as a deterrent measure (as the result of the Boston Bombing) that likely have prevented many terrorist incidents from happening. It is a case of mixing cause and effect, a basic and known error trap in any research statistics. <Hey David Schanzerzer, how could it be possible that a college faculty like you missed the basic fundamentals of academic research?  or were you just intentionally lying and obfuscating the truth to spread Islamic propaganda all for the sake of your pay checks from your Arab puppet master that funded your pseudo-academic position to conduct pseudo-research in a politically disguised, agenda laced Wahhabi institute like Center of Middle Eastern Studies? Your former career as a sleezy slimy lawyer probably fits you better>

3. “To put this in context, over the same period there have been 14,000 murders in the United States, including 46 murders in Boston.”

– Those murders were mostly uncontrollable events. So by Mr. Schanzer’s logics, preventive measures for controllable events should be ignored, dismantled, or not implemented at all just because the mortality rates of some other uncontrollable events were much higher than %2.0, the mortality rate of terrorist events in U.S., anyway? Nevermind the fact that those preventive measures could actually be the causes of the lower mortality rate to start with, as previously discussed.

Mortality rates of selective causes of deaths

Disease Mortality (%) Deaths per 100,000 Male Deaths Female Deaths
Lung cancer 2.18 20.0 28.4 11.4
Road traffic accidents 2.09 19.1 40.8 10.4
Hypertensive heart disease 1.60 14.6 13.4 15.9
Suicide 1.53 14.0 17.4 10.6
Colorectal cancer 1.09 10.0 10.3 9.7
Measles 1.07 9.8 9.8 9.9
Violence 0.98 9.0 14.2 3.7
Breast cancer 0.84 7.7 0.1 15.3
Falls 0.69 6.3 7.5 5.0
Drowning 0.67 6.1 8.4 3.9
Poisoning 0.61 5.6 7.2 4.0
Fires 0.55 5.0 3.8 6.2
Pertussis 0.52 4.7 4.7 4.8
Prostate cancer 0.47 4.3 8.6 0.0
War 0.30 2.8 5.0 0.5

Therefore, by Mr. Schanzer’s logics …

Why stop smoking or medically screen for lung cancer at all, because lung cancer has only %2.18 mortality rate? Wait, aren’t those preventive and diagnostic measures actually helping to lower the mortality rate of lung cancer? Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

Why bother to learn how to drive, get driver’s license, take defensive driving classes, or use seat belt at all, because road traffic accidents carry only %2.09 mortality rate? Wait, aren’t those preventive measures actually helping to lower the mortality rate of road traffic accidents? Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

Why bother to eat vegetables, watch one’s diet, lower cholesterol, do exercises at all, because hypertensive heart disease carries only %1.60 mortality rate? Wait, aren’t those preventive measures actually helping to lower the mortality rate of hypertensive heart disease  Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

Why bother to have education, establish social counseling services, or institute suicide hotlines at all, because suicide carries only %1.53 mortality rate? Wait, aren’t those preventive measures actually helping to lower the mortality rate of suicide? Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

Why bother to screen for colon cancer and beast cancer at all, because they carry only %1.09 and %0.84 mortality rates, respectively? Wait, aren’t those preventive measures actually helping to lower the mortality rate of colon cancer and beast cancer ? Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

Why bother to be vaccinated for measles (with mumps and rubella in MMR vaccine) and pertussis (with diphtheria and tetanus, dTaP vaccine) at all, because  they carry only %1.07 and %0.52 mortality rates, respectively? Wait, aren’t those preventive measures actually helping to lower the mortality rate of measles and pertussis? Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

Why bother to install handrails on stairwells, stage guardrails on balconies,  give walkers and canes to the elderly, at all, since accidental falls carry only %0.69 mortality rate? Wait, aren’t those preventive measures actually helping to lower the mortality rate of accidental falls? Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

Why bother to have physical exams for prostate cancer at all, because it carries only %0.47 mortality rate? Wait, aren’t those preventive measures helping to lower its mortality rate? Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

Why bother to have a learn self-defense (or build a national defense department, for that matter) at all, because war carries only %0.30 mortality rate? Wait, aren’t those preventive measures helping to lower its mortality rate? Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

Last but not least, why bother to implement Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s airport screenings and airport checking protocols at all, because suicidal airline hijackings have carried an absolutely stunning %0.0 mortality rate since the 9/11 attack? Wait, aren’t those preventive measures actually helping to protect the civilians and prevent 9/11-like attacks from happening again? Apparently not, according to Mr. Schanzer’s logics.

3. There was no statistical control group here, as the two subject populations were vastly different in numerical quantities. There were currently roughly more than 3 million Muslims, or slightly more than %1 of the USA’s population, so the comparison analysis wouldn’t make sense at all unless it was accordingly adjusted for the population base. 15 arrests of Muslim-Americans for terrorism-related offenses out of a Muslim population of 3 millions. How many non-Muslim Americans for terrorism-related offenses out of a non-Muslim population of 317 millions? He refused to say, but the math goes like this: in order for the non-Muslim Americans to be arrested for terrorism-related offenses with the same frequency as those of the Muslim Americans, and because non-Muslim American population is approximately 100 times that of Muslim Americans, there would have been at least 100 times (or 106 times, to be exact) more arrests, i.e., or 15 x 100 = 1,500 arrests of non-Muslims Americans. In realty, that number was less than 10, but for the sake of argument, let’s assume it to be 10. Therefore, Muslim Americans are more than 1,500 / 10 = 150 times more likely to engage in terrorism than non-Muslim Americans. 150 times!!

How could the demonic way of life of the people who are 150 times more likely to commit terrorist acts, be called a religion, and not for what it really is- some toxic death rape cult, let alone a “Religion of Peace“?

4.“A nationwide survey of law enforcement agencies we are conducting in collaboration with the Police Executive Research Forum shows that more than half of the agencies report little or no threat from al Qaeda-inspired extremism. Only 2 percent report the threat as ‘severe.’ Agencies from large metropolitan areas reported somewhat higher levels of concern (27 percent reporting a low threat and 7 percent reporting a severe threat). Overall, law enforcement agencies are treating this as a serious, but manageable, issue rather than the existential crisis that many have feared.”

– What would the frequency of the severe threat level have been without the exhaustive preventive measures, either in rural or metropolitan areas? %2? %7? %27? or %93 and %98? Take your pick, please. What is the likelihood of another 9/11 attack without airport screening? %2? %7? %27? or %93 and %98? Take your pick, please. Of course people even with half a brain would see that those likelihoods would have been much, much higher, more like %93 and %98 than %7 or %2!

Non-metropolitan, or small-town, law enforcement officials are reasonable in their assessment that a terrorist would NOT select small towns or rural areas for attacks because such areas would cause much smaller psychological impact, and that is not what the terrorists want. On the other hands, large metro agencies, often with large population and population density along with famous landmarks, are much more cognizant of the threat because terrorists want to cause mass casualties at highly visible and well-known locations. Also, terrorism is always a federal case, not state or local cases, and since federal agencies invest significant resources in an effort to mitigate terror threats in the US, and since such efforts are not always fully shared with local law enforcement, the analysis is incorrect at best and misleading at worst. The fact that terrorist attacks have hardly ever happened in rural, thinly populated areas didn’t prevent these Muslim propagandists from intentionally conducting their surveys in those areas in their attempt to use the low statistical figures collected so that their numbers would support their agenda.

5. “One year after two individuals inflicted pain and suffering on the streets of Boston, we should not be overly fearful or cavalier about the threat of violent extremism.”

– “Violent extremism”? That sounds awfully familiar, just like what the heavily Muslim infiltrated U.S. government called the causes of attacks of the Ft. Hood shooting (2009), the Boston marathon bombing (2013), and the Chattanooga shooting (2015). A keyword is missing here and it starts with the letter ‘I’, and it’s the same word that Mr. Obama refused to use in reference to ‘ISIS’ despite the fact that ‘ISIS’ carries that exact same word by one of its acronymic letters. Of course, we are talking about ‘Islamic’ in ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’. Too much truth? Then how about just refer to all these terrorist attacks as “work place violence[s]” like Obama did when referring to Ft. Hood shooting, to save us all the troubles?


(Click to enlarge)

Muslim-savages-kill-Christian-children-in-Syria- Muslim-savages-kill-Christian-girl- ISIS kill Coptic Christians Muslim-savages-Boko-Haram-kill-150-Christians-in-Nigeria- Muslim-savages-Boko-Haram-burn-375-Christians-alive- Muslims-crucify-Christians-in-Iraq- Muslims-crucify-Christian-girls-during-Armenian-Genocide-by-Turks-

Muslims killed Christians just because they were Christians.


In addition, %49.9, %38, or even %19 of something is not usually considered “extreme” on the spectrum, of Islamic violence, of political affiliation, of temperature variations, of coloration of halal meat, or of anything else, for that matter. Indeed, as previously referenced, %49.9 of Muslims support Bin Laden, and %38 support the 9/11 attack, and %49.9 and %38 of something are more of the norm than the exceptions, and more of the common than the extremes,  Because violence and terrorism, death and destruction, are inherent in the teachings of Islam, in the conducts of its worshipers, both inside and outside of their families, let’s be correct, albeit not politically, and call it for what it is, the threat of violent Islamic Fundamentalism, or simply “Islamic Terrorism” or “Radical Islamism”. There, wasn’t that so bad?


Tomi Lahren’s take on ISIS & Colonel Smith’s battle plan.


6. “The low levels of violent conduct both before and after the Boston Marathon show that no matter how many extremist videos are posted on the internet, the baseless ideas these videos propagate appeal to only a tiny fraction of our populace.”

– Wrong! As previously referenced, %49.9 Muslims support Bin Laden, and %38 Muslims support the 9/11 attack that killed 3,000 civilians. %49.9 or %38 of something is not a tiny fraction, and neither is %19. As recently as 2013,  as many as %19 Muslim Americans (about 1 in 5), 26% of Muslims in Bangladesh, 29% in Egypt, 39% in Afghanistan and 40% in the Palestinian territories approve violent attacks against civilians, according to a study from Pew Research Center. This, along with the fact that Muslim Americans are at least 150 times more likely to commit terrorist acts than non-Muslim Americans, as the analysis above showed, should refute your self-promoted assessment and debunk any agenda-laden myth that terrorism “appeals to only a tiny fraction” of the American populace.


(Click to enlarge)

islam-dominates-world behead insulter of Islam Mustafa-Carroll-CAIR-if-we-are-practicing-Muslims,-we-are-above-the-law-of-the-land- Face of Islam : Shariah The Only Solution Face of Islam : Democracy is Cancer, Islam is Answer attack-on-niqab-=-attack-on-Islam- Sharia-will-dominate-the-world-

Islam is incompatible with Western & Christian values respected by Hispanics & Latinos.


7. “Yet, since small numbers of people can do so much harm, law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve must be constantly vigilant and continue to work together to prevent the next atrocity.”

– This seems the only correct statement made by Mr. Schanzer during the whole interview. Interestingly, his statement actually implicitly invalidates all his previous arguments that the violent extremists’ (Muslim terrorists’) violent extremists’ attacks are insignificant in both quantity and severity.

8. “David Schanzer is a professor at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy and director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security. David H. Schanzer is also core faculty with the Duke Islamic Studies Center and a regular contributor to ISLAMiCommentary

– There you go, Mr. Schanzer is on Saudi Arabia’s payroll, considering that country has spent nearly $2 trillion to advocate wahhabism and madrasa abroad, building mosques and Centers for Middle East studies. That explains his traitorous behavior, though most American patriots would likely conduct themselves with more integrity, academic and otherwise. Most mortally alarming and foreboding to U.S. national security, however, this Benedict Arnold also holds the position of director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security. The fox is in charge of the hen house!! Unfortunately, he is far from being the only one, as there are many traitors and moles like him holding strategically critical positions in the U.S. government and in U.S. higher education.’

II. New York Times:

Together with Charles Kurzman, the 2 traitors, Mr’s Dumb and Dumber continued their idiotic nonsense here at the New York Times, the favorite Muslim propaganda platform.

III. Publication: Exactly 1, listed here at Research Gate. Would likely have been zero had the Saudi master got a little impatient with the minion.

IV. Book: Exactly 1, Mr’s Dumb and Dumber collaborated on Anti-Terror Lessons of Muslim-Americans Paperback – October 17, 2012

V. The Chronicle article, in response to Garland, TX shootings.

… Schanzer noted that although everyone has a right to free speech, they also have a responsibility to do so in a way that is accurate, informative and does not degrade the views of others. <Oh? how about %99 of 30,000 terrorist events since 9/11 have been caused by Muslims? Does this piece of free speech qualify as accurate, informative, and does not degrade the views of others, that likely exclude at least 30,000 killed victims?>

Wilders and Geller intentionally cross this line as a professional, profit-making endeavor,” <How so? How is sacrificing individual freedom to live in high security 24/7 possibly for the rest of one’s life a professional, profit-making endeavor?> he said. “While there is no excuse for the violent actions of the gunmen, their actions will, ironically, give Geller and Wilders’ ugly views far more attention than they deserve.” <their respect and protection of free speech are ugly views, and terrorism and mass murders are not?>

Mr. Geert Wilders’ warning to America &10-point action plan. Apr 29, 2009.

Omid Safi, director of the Duke Islamic Studies Center, also weighed in on the event, posting from his personal Twitter account Sunday evening after the news broke. Safi noted that the American Freedom Defense Initiative was partially responsible for the shooting for fanning “flames of hatred.” <Really? Look who’s talking, the name and the position say it all, a Muslim propagandist on Saudi payroll to spread Wahhabi hate speech and jihads in the West>


VI. PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) article:

David Schanzer said the question is whether the current conflict falls within the 2001 or 2002 authorizations for then-president George W. Bush to use force against al-Qaeda and Iraq, respectively.

If it doesn’t, he said, then there is a constitutional question as to whether President Obama has the authority to attack the Islamic State without more specific and current authorization from Congress. <blah blah blah, we already know you sold your soul, your countrymen and women, and the future of your offspring to the devil for a cheap buck, so whatever you say is just a as cheap an agenda laden farce>

“I think it’s a stretch to say that [the Islamic State] is linked to al-Qaida in such a way to say that Congress back in 2001 authorized the president to use force to defeat it,” Schanzer said. “The further away we get and the more steps in logic you need to make to get from the language of the AUMF [authorization for use of military force], which talks about organizations that attacked us on 9/11, to [the Islamic State], the weaker the argument is.” <more blah blah blah. Look, the Saudi puppet can talk!>

VII. Islamicomentary article

Israel Can’t Afford to Lose Jews Like Me <Sure, it, or any national state with a modicum of human decency and standard of integrity a notch above that of a two-faced weasel, certainly can> yep, a self-proclaimed Jew that is on Saudi payroll to run an Islamic Studies Center, publish academically dishonest pseudo-research, and write anti-Israel propaganda. The jackass simply has no honor nor shame! 

How far would this snake go? Apparently as far as his Saudi master has been willing to pay for his treasonous venom, some more of which can be seen spewing here 

VIII. Huffingtonpost

Of course the Huffingtonpost, which is owned and run by Muslim terrorists, loves this filthy traitor.

IX. Anti-terror lessons of American Muslims

In the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001, and subsequent terrorist attacks elsewhere around the world, a key counter-terrorism concern is the possible radicalization of Muslims living in the United States. Yet, the record over the past eight years contains relatively few examples of Muslim-Americans that have radicalized and turned toward violent extremism. <what the same load of horse sh*t recycled nonstop from one end to the other> This project seeks to explain this encouraging result by identifying characteristics and practices in the Muslim-American community that are preventing radicalization and violence.

Since 9/11, there has been increased tension among Muslim-Americans about their acceptance in mainstream American society. Muslim-Americans perceive a stronger anti-Muslim bias from both their day today interactions and the media, a bias that is confirmed in public opinion polling <well, what do you expect?>. While Muslim-Americans understand and support the need for enhanced security and counter-terrorism initiatives, they believe that some of these efforts are discriminatory and they are angered that innocent Muslim-Americans bear the brunt of the impact of these policies. <innocent Muslims? must be as common as unicorns?!>

Although the vast majority of Muslim-Americans reject radical extremist ideology and violence, a small number of Muslim-Americans have radicalized since 9/11. In the eight years following 9/11, according to our project’s count, 139 Muslim-Americans committed acts of terrorism-related violence or were prosecuted for terrorism-related offenses that involve some element of violence. This level of approximately 17 individuals per year is small compared to other violent crime in American, but not insignificant.Homegrown terrorism is a serious, but limited, problem.<same BS!>

Our research shows that a variety of practices of Muslim-American communities may be helping to prevent and address instances of radicalization. These practices include the following:
• Public and private denunciations of terrorism and violence. Muslim-American organizations and leaders have consistently condemned terrorist violence here and abroad since 9/11, arguing that such violence is strictly condemned by Islam. <sorry, the occasional, disingenuous, insincere, and nominal ‘condemning’ statements scattering here and there do NOT count, not to mention the likely scenario of those statements were simply the ever ubiquitous, overused, and pathetic taqiyya> Our research found that these statements were not just for public consumption, but were supported by local Muslim religious and community leaders, who consistently condemned political violence in public sermons and private conversations. <yeah, right, and Islam is the cult of peace, or Mohammad was not a murderous pedophile! Accurate statement if ‘research’ is replaced by ‘agenda’>  These statements represent powerful messages that resonate within Muslim-American communities. <apparently not as powerful nor resonating as the calls for committing jihads and economic parasitism against the West and non-Muslims, as proven by reality time and time again>
• Self-policing. Muslim-Americans have adopted numerous internal self-policing practices to prevent
the growth of radical ideology in their communities. The practices range from confronting individuals
who express radical ideology or support for terrorism, preventing extremist ideologues from preaching in
mosques, communicating concerns about radical individuals to law enforcement officials, and purging radical extremists from membership in local mosques. <oh really?> Muslim-Americans have also adopted programs for youth to help identify individuals who react in-appropriately to controversial issues so they can be counseled and educated. <and how did it work out?> This document is a research report submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice. This report has not been published by the Department. Opinions or points of view expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.

• Community-building. The creation of robust Muslim-American communities may serve as a preventative measure against radicalization by reducing social isolation of individuals who may be at risk of becoming radicalized. The stronger such communities are, in terms of social networks, educational programs, and provision of social services, the more likely they are to identify individuals who are prone to radicalization and intervene appropriately. <oh really? like those in Chattanooga, TN or Boston, MA?> Undermining radicalization is frequently not the primary goal of these community-building activities, <no kidding!> which are generally aimed at strengthening community resources in response to the increased social and governmental pressure that Muslim-Americans have experienced since 9/11. However, our research indicates that these activities may have the positive side effect of reducing the likelihood of radicalization.

• Heightened political activity of Muslim-Americans since 9/11 is also a positive development for preventing radicalization. Political engagement channels grievances into democratic forums and promotes integration of Muslim-Americans into an important aspect of American life. At the national level, Muslim-Americans are following the example of other American minority groups by creating advocacy organizations to express their political goals. At the local level, community leaders work through political avenues to pursue community interests. These activities demonstrate to Muslims in the United States and around the world that Muslims are able to participate in the full range of American life and that their grievances can be effectively addressed through peaceful means. Like community-building <like building mosques, sponsoring radical imams, harboring terrorist within, and bailing them out when they get caught?>, increased participation in democratic politics did not occur for the purpose of preventing radicalization, but it too may have had the same positive side effect. <you mean Muslim Capitol Days like this and this across U.S.?>

• Identity politics. The expression of a Muslim-American identity has taken on an increasingly assertive tone in the years since 9/11. While some observers are concerned that heightened expressions of piety may be a sign of impending radicalization, our research suggests otherwise. The assertion of Muslim-American identity follows the precedent of other racial, ethnic, and religious groups in the United States: they have embraced the compatibility of minority and American identities. Increased piety among Muslim-Americans also serves to undercut the radical message that American values and practices are hostile to Islam. <Baloney! Overwhelming evidences, time and time again, have shown it to the contrary, that the more pious the Muslims are, the more murderous and violent they become as jihadists, simply because the Qu’ran teaches to kill all Christians, Jews, and kafirs. Chattanooga Shooting, Garland Shooting, Ft. Hood Shooting were not in exceptions>

Research findings <what research? what findings?> suggest that radicalization in the United States can be minimized by taking the following steps to reinforce successful anti-radicalization activities of Muslim-American communities and create a more positive environment for Muslim-Americans:
1. Increased political mobilization is the most important trend identified by this study, as it both stunts domestic radicalization and provides an example to Muslims around the world that grievances can be resolved through peaceful democratic means <Hey Schanzer cancer, pulling factoid out of thin air is not research! Muslim terrorist attacks still happened quite frequently despite  ‘political mobilization’, or all other resources for that matter, available to Muslims>. We recommend that policymakers in the major political parties embrace this mobilization by including Muslim-Americans in their outreach efforts and by organizing them to gain their support, as they do with other ethnic and religious groups <Since when have policymakers in the major political parties embraced political mobilization by including any ethnic and religious groups in their outreach efforts and by organizing them to gain their support?>. Similarly, public officials should attend events at mosques, as they do at churches and synagogues. Muslim-American groups should also be fully included in American political dialogue <Since when have public officials attend events at churches and synagogues?>.
2. Denunciations of terrorism and violence are an important reflection of Muslim-American opinion and values <of course>. The Muslim-American community should disseminate these statements widely <where?  if to the Muslims, mosques, Islamic centers, yes>Public officials should reference these statements whenever possible and the media should include them in their coverage of terrorism and security issues. <only if these statements were actually made and disseminated to Muslims, mosques, and Islamic centers>

3. While there have been important achievements in building a cooperative, trusting relationship between Muslim-Americans and law enforcement, there have also been tensions due to controversial law enforcement techniques, lack of communication, and breakdowns in trust. Muslim-American communities and law enforcement agencies must make efforts to cooperate more closely to overcome mutual suspicions and achieve common goals. An important element of increased cooperation would be to initiate a candid dialogue between law enforcement and Muslim-American communities about the handling of criminal cases and the use of informants <cooperation like this or this?>. Law enforcement agencies should develop policies on the appropriate use of informants in Muslim-American communities and discuss these policies openly with community leaders. Muslim-Americans, for their part, should understand that the use of informants is an accepted, long-standing law enforcement practice and may be necessary in appropriate cases to gather evidence on individuals who are a potential danger. In addition to addressing grievances about law enforcement tactics and operations, the relationship could be strengthened and solidified by hiring more Muslim law enforcement officers, increasing outreach to non-religious entry points to the community, and expanding the FBI’s Bridges Program and Citizen’s Academy.
4. Assist Community-Building Efforts. Strong communities can provide education to Muslims who may
be uninformed about Islamic opposition to terrorism, provide guidance and positive experiences for youth, and identify individuals at risk of radicalization. We recommend that all levels of government make additional efforts to provide community-building resources such as youth centers, childcare facilities, public health clinics, and English as a Second Language courses in disadvantaged Muslim-American communities. These resources are especially important in isolated immigrant communities. <oh really? Why none of these resources has been asked by, or required for, the Buddhist community, Hindi community, Christian community, Mormon community, or Atheist community yet none of them turned violent and murderous as the Muslim community?>
5. Promote Outreach by Social Service Agencies. Our research suggests that Muslim-American communities desire collaboration and outreach with the government beyond law enforcement, in areas such as public health, education, and transportation. Moving toward this type of engagement acknowledges that Muslim-American communities have needs and concerns other than contributing to the nation’s counter-terrorism efforts. <Again, why none of these resources has been asked by, or required for, the Buddhist community, Hindi community, Christian community, Mormon community, or Atheist community yet none of them turned violent and murderous as the Muslim community?>
6. Support Enhanced Religious Literacy. This research reinforces the generally accepted observation that Muslim-Americans with a strong, traditional religious training are far less likely to radicalize than those without such training. <Baloney! If anything, the generally accepted observation has shown just the opposite, that the more devout the Muslims were, the more radicalized and violent they became!> Since it would be inappropriate for government to play a role in this area, the Muslim-American community should invest in developing seminaries, leadership programs, and on-line educational courses. Foundations and universities should assist in these efforts.
7. Increase Civil Rights Enforcement. Enhanced civil rights enforcement will contribute toward addressing Muslim-American concerns about increased discrimination since September 11, 2001. <play the victim card, again? Overwhelming evidences have shown just the opposite, that Muslims were the ones showing discrimination toward others (all non-Muslims), and victimize non-Muslims and each other>

In his speech at Cairo University, President Obama proclaimed, “Islam has always been a part of America’s story.” He noted that Muslim-Americans have “fought in our wars, they have served in our government, they have stood for civil rights, they have started businesses, they have taught at our universities, they’ve excelled in our sports arenas, they’ve won Nobel Prizes <Muslims have won 11 out of 850 Nobel Prizes, or %1.2, so? By the way, since Muslims makes up %23 world population, that means a non-Muslim is 25 times more likely to win a Nobel Prize than a Muslim is>, built our tallest building <what building? Burj Khalifa was built by an American company, just like oil in the Arab countries have been mined by Western companies. Muslims couldn’t even use their own natural resources without help from the West, let alone inventing something of value on their own to contribute to the world civilizations>, and lit the Olympic Torch <which country didn’t? Even so, how many Olympic records or medals compared to non-Muslims? Few and few>.” Underneath links to the text of this speech, on the White House website, was a short video about three Muslim-Americans serving in the United States government. One of them, Afeefa Syeed, who moved to the United States as a young girl and now serves in the State Department, explained that she found “no contradiction between being a Muslim and being an American. … [T]he comfort zone that I have is here in America, because of the simple seamless connection between the two identities that forge into one.”<ask her if she places loyalty to U.S. over the death rape cult>

In contrast, two weeks earlier, the nation focused on the foiled terrorist plot of four men from Newburgh, New York, who are accused of attempting to bomb two synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down military aircraft with surface-to-air missiles. The four were described by authorities as Muslim converts. According to the criminal complaint, each said he was willing to engage in “jihad,” and one of the plotters justified his action by saying that the military is “killing Muslim brothers and sisters in Muslim countries, so if we kill them here with I.E.D.s and stingers, it is equal.” Massive media coverage of the arrests amplified what New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly described as “our concern about homegrown terrorism.” These two divergent examples of Muslim-Americans—the comfortably assimilated federal employee and the radicalized, anti-American jihadist—have dominated the national discourse about Muslim-Americans since 9/11, a discourse that has amplified since a spate of arrests and incidents involving Muslim-Americans in 2009, most notably, the shooting spree by Nidal Hasanat Fort Hood that killed 13 people and seriously wounded dozens more. <what’s new? this list continues to grow at any particular moment, and will continue to do so in the future, as long as the Islamic death cult and its cultists are allowed to exist in the West or in any non-Muslim countries for that matter> Despite the massive publicity that accompanies any instance of “homegrown terrorism,” it is widely acknowledged that the vast majority of Muslim-Americans are ordinary, hard-working citizens and legal immigrants who make up part of the American cultural tapestry <vast majority?> while practicing their minority faith. At the same time, there are a small number of Muslim-Americans who have adopted extremist radical ideologies and engaged in illegal, and sometimes violent, conduct to advance those views. <uh, %49.9 or %38 are small numbers?> Most research about Muslim-Americans since 9/11 has tried to explain what might prompt an individual enjoying all the advantages of living in the United States to adopt a radical, violent ideology. Other research has examined governmental efforts to gain the assistance of Muslim-American communities in identifying potential terrorists and thwarting terrorist plots.

This project addresses the topic from a different perspective. Instead of analyzing what has happened
to the few Muslim-Americans who have radicalized and broken the law, we examine why so few <the ratio, or percentage, not the raw number, is what matters. Muslims are 150 times more prone to commit murders and violence than non-Muslims, as analyzed above> Muslim-
Americans have followed the path of radicalization and violence. Instead of trying to assess the effectiveness of the government’s outreach efforts in Muslim-American communities as a means of preventing terrorism, this project examines what Muslim-Americans communities are doing themselves to prevent radicalization and acts of violence. The goal of the project is to learn how Muslim-American communities have been dealing with the threat <oh really? and not to continue being a traitor to American people, including your own offspring, and an useful idiot to Saudi master just to pad your bank account and keep your pathetic so-called job?>—to themselves as well as the broader American community—posed by extremist ideologies. These insights provide the basis for recommendations about additional steps government agencies and Muslim communities should take to meet the threat of domestic terrorism. In place of speculation, this project has generated social-science evidence about how and why Muslim- American communities have resisted radicalization and political violence <what evidence? the only evidences available show just the opposite>. Why have there been relatively few examples of Muslim-Americans who have engaged in terrorist activity? What characteristics of Muslim-American communities have enabled them to counter the radical message that is being transmitted across the globe? What policies should be adopted to reinforce Muslim-American communities’ successes? What can Muslim-American communities do to reinforce and extend these successes?

One form of backlash against Muslim-Americans expressed itself as social pressure, including hate crime and widespread suspicion by other Americans. Hate-crimes against Muslims rose from 28 in 2000 to 481 recorded incidents in 2001, and current levels remain about 5 times higher than prior to 9/11. A poll 5 years after 9/11 found that 39 percent of Americans believed that Muslims living in the United States were not loyal to the United States, 34 percent believed that they were sympathetic to al-Qaida, and 44 percent reported that Muslim-Americans were “too extreme in religious beliefs.” <the poll result were only logical and expected. If anything, the number of negative views could have been even higher had more Americans been more educated about the true face and true nature of the death rape cult>

This study identified 139 Muslim-Americans with a linkage to terrorist violence between September 11,
2001, and December 31, 2009, an average of about 17 people per year. Although many of these individuals did not actually commit acts of violence, the charges against them indicated that they were planning, or had a willingness, to do so. Almost 2/3 of the individuals are U.S.-born (63) or naturalized citizens (22). 25 are legal residents and only 10 were in the United States illegally. The ethnicity of the offenders is diverse: 32 are Arab, 24 are African-American, 24 are South Asian, 20 are Somali, and 20 are Caucasian. Just over 1/3 (47) of the individuals are converts to Islam. 24 of the converts are African-American; 10 are Caucasian; 3 are Latino.

It is noteworthy that of the 139 individuals, only 40 (29%) were successful in executing attacks (15) or
joining a foreign fighting force (25). Thus, %75 of the offenders were preempted<Bravo! At least someone in the Obama’s administration was doing his or her job> by law enforcement before their plots came to fruition or had even matured to a dangerous state. Indeed, 33 of the individuals, most of whom were charged with material support for terrorism, were arrested before they had joined a specified terrorist plot. The activities of most of these individuals were targeted abroad. Only 51 (37%) individuals executed or plotted actions with targets in the United States <only?>. The criminal activity of 47 offenders took place exclusively abroad <who says these scums would not target U.S. later?>, and for more than half the offenders, at least some aspect of their criminal conduct happened outside the United States <uh, so terrorist attacks outside of U.S. are acceptable?>. Well over half (78) of the individuals were arrested as part of groups who appear to have radicalized together and either traveled abroad for training or began to plot attacks in the United States <how lovely! The Who’s Who among Muslim Terrorists>. These groups include the following:

• The Lackawanna group, which traveled to Afghanistan and attended an al-Qaida training camp;
• The Portland group, which attempted to join forces fighting against the United States in Afghanistan;
• The northern Virginia group, which engaged in military-style training domestically in support of mission to join Lashkar-e-Taiba. Some individuals traveled to training camps in Pakistan;
• The California prison group, which radicalized while in prison and plotted to attack domestic and international targets;
• The group from Liberty City, Florida, which plotted to bomb the Sears Tower;
• The Toledo/Chicago group, which trained and plotted to attack U.S. troops in Iraq;
• The group from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, which plotted to attack Fort Dix;
• The Minneapolis group, which includes young men who traveled to Somalia and appear to have joined the radical group Shabaab;
• The group from Newburgh, New York, which is charged with attempting to bomb synagogues in the Bronx;
• The North Carolina group, which is charged with plotting to engage in terrorist acts in Israel; and
• The group from northern Virginia, which traveled to Pakistan to join a jihadi group.

<Good to see the equivalents of rock groups, yet ones with no talent, nor education, nor morality, nor human decency, nor skill whatsoever except murdering, killing, beheading, exploding, raping, stealing, cheating, and lying>

Critics may claim that this dataset overstates the extent of the problem of homegrown terrorism in the
United States. Cases are included in which the perpetrators are not American citizens, so long as there is
evidence that they lived in the United States for an extended period and that they likely radicalized while in the United States. The dataset includes individuals for whom evidence indicates their violent action resulted from mental illness rather than adoption of a radical ideology. Cases are also included where there has been an arrest, but the trial is still pending. Finally, as noted above, the offenders have executed violent actions in only 30 percent of the cases. In many cases, plots were at such an early stage that it is not at all clear that the offenders would have engaged in violence. Other critics might claim that the dataset understates the problem. Individuals who were charged with a terrorist crime but were acquitted at trial are, of course, excluded. The dataset also does not include cases involving exclusively non-violent activities, such as fundraising, even though these individuals provided forms of material support to foreign terrorist organizations. These cases are excluded <how convenient!> because, in our view, individuals have not fully radicalized unless they are willing and have taken steps toward violent action to further their radical views <a puppet’s view? Enough said, lol>. Further, this dataset does not include Muslims living in the United States for an extended period who were deported on suspicion of having links to terrorism. Complete data on these individuals are not available from open sources.

That this many Muslim-Americans radicalized while living in this country and engaged in or plotted violence is discomforting. Even more disturbing is the possibility that had they not been arrested, many of them may have perpetrated serious acts of violence here or abroad. Nonetheless, in terms of overall levels of violence in America, the amount of radicalization and violence that has been perpetrated by Muslim-Americans over the past 8 years is quite small. To put this in perspective, there
have been more than 136,000 murders in the United States since 9/11.51 Thirty-one—a fiftieth of one percent—of these murders were committed by persons listed in the dataset <As previously analyzed, taking into consideration of current Muslim population in U.S., Muslims are 150 more violent and murderous than non-Muslims>.

The media attention that accompanies nearly every arrest or thwarted plot involving Muslim-Americans
magnifies our perception of the homegrown terrorism threat. Homegrown terrorism is certainly a serious and potentially dangerous problem, but it is a limited problem <limited?>. The recent spike of cases in 2009 is disturbing, but it is far too early to know if this is an aberration or a trend <hey Schanzer cancer, the terrorist attacks worldwide have been on the increase, what make you think those in U.S. would be any different, especially with filthy traitors like you infiltrated the U.S. government? And the U.S. trend has indeed continued to increase>. Even if the levels of radicalization of Muslim-Americans do increase, it is important to emphasize that the numbers of individuals engaged in these activities are extremely small <uh, not according to statistics>. One possible reason for the small number of radicalized, violent Muslim-Americans involves the demographics of the Muslim-American population in the United States. Unlike Muslim minorities in many countries of Western Europe, Muslim-Americans have attained higher education and middle-class incomes at roughly the same rate as society as a whole. Their lives are less segregated than in Western Europe, and their political views on most issues are similar to other Americans.

We have found that an important anti-radicalization activity of Muslim-American communities since 9/11 has been the active denunciation of terrorist violence. <yeah, right, and Islam is the cult of peace or Mohammed was not a murderous pedophile!> Muslim-Americans have done so in public and in private, drawing on both religious and secular arguments. Much of this has gone unnoticed in the mainstream press<quite the contrary, actually! Most of mainstream media report regarding Muslim and Islam were much more positive than the truth because most of mainstream media and news outlets, at least in U.S., were now bought or controlled by Muslims>, and many Americans wonder—erroneously—why Muslims have been silent on the subject. <not erroneously, but correctly> New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman, for example, wrote in 2005, “The Muslim village has been derelict in condemning the madness of jihadist attacks.” <correct!> Such comments overlook the fatwa issued on September 27, 2001, by senior Islamic scholars in the United States and the Middle East, urging Muslims to support military action against the perpetrators of 9/11. <wrong! How often have fatwa’s been issued against the terrorists and terrorist organizations in 27,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11? How often have fatwa’s been issued against the victims, or kafirs, who simply ran ads on buses? Also, insincere statements as taqiyya are meaningless. Hey Schanzer, basic statistics actually count!>

One such document, drafted by the Fiqh Council of North America and endorsed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS), the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS), the Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers (AMSE), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), <how lovely, the Who’s Who among Front Terrorist Organizations> and more than 130 Muslim organizations, mosques and leaders in the United States, stated this forcefully: We have consistently condemned terrorism and extremism in all forms and under all circumstances, and we reiterate this unequivocal position. Islam strictly condemns religious extremism and the use of violence against innocent lives. There is no justification in Islam for extremism or terrorism. Targeting civilians’ life and property through suicide bombings or any other method of attack is haram—prohibited in Islam—and those who commit these barbaric acts are criminals, not ‘martyrs.’ <blah, blah, blah, same old deceitful, meaningless, boring, overused taqiyya/kitman from the toxic death rape cult, the only one that teaches people to lie and kill their own wives and daughters (in ‘honor killings’)>

Our project finds that Muslim-Americans’ statements denouncing terrorism have been reinforced with concrete actions in their communities to monitor signs of radicalization. The rarity of terrorism in the United States means that few Muslim-Americans have ever encountered an actual terrorist, or even an individual who has expressed a willingness to engage in violence. Nonetheless, our research<you called that ‘research’? What kind of ‘research’ is based on fact-twisting, data-manipulation, and blatant fabrications to fit specific agenda? More aptly called filthy ‘propaganda’> indicates that Muslim-Americans are engaged in a heightened level of self-policing against radicalization that may help to account for the infrequency of terrorist activities by Muslim-Americans. <baloney! See these lies being debunked above>

Of Muslim-Americans who have engaged in terrorist violence since September 11, 2001, there is no
single pattern concerning the extent to which they were integrated into their communities. Some of them were loners who had little connection to any community at all; some had deeper connections abroad than locally; and some had stronger ties with a handful of buddies than with their community as a whole; and finally, some, like the Lackawanna Six, were well known and turned in by a community member. In the case of the Muslims from North Carolina indicted in 2009, it appears that the individuals were initially integrated into the community, but as they radicalized, they left their masjids and became more isolated. In order for Muslim-American communities to bring collective pressure on individuals inclined to radicalize, they must draw those individuals into the organizations and social networks that counter radical beliefs, such as mosques, Islamic centers, religious bookstores, ethnic institutions, civil rights organizations, and other communal associations that draw Muslim-Americans together. <not if the mosques and Islamic centers were places of radicalization!>

This image runs counter to some of the concerns expressed by non-Muslim Americans about Islamic organizations in the United States, which they perceive are channels for radicalization. Our evidence suggests the opposite: Muslim-American community-building is a significant factor in the prevention of radicalization.

A further set of efforts that Muslim-Americans have undertaken since September 11, 2001, involve
participation in the democratic politics of the United States. As with other activities of Muslim-American
communities, the primary goal is not preventing radicalization, but is, instead, the defense of the
rights and interests of Muslim-Americans <not the offense and usurpation of the
rights and interests of the kafirs?> in a political environment that they experience as threatening. Nonetheless, this political mobilization has the effect of channeling grievances into democratic forums and integrating Muslim-Americans into the democratic system <baloney!>. This pattern follows in the footsteps of other minority and immigrant groups in the United States, such as the Irish in the mid-19th century, Jews in the early 20th century, and African-Americans in the mid-20th century. Muslim-Americans often liken their current situation to the trajectory of these other groups. <liken or taqiyya? Since when has any of these groups acted as part of an international theocratic organization that systematically committed murders, rape, and violence en masse?> At times the analogy is with the African-Americans. “The civil rights movement succeeded because all African-Americans were united in their demand for constitutional rights,” one national Muslim-American organization emphasized in a call to Muslims to involve themselves in electoral politics. “Given our low level of political engagement preceding the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we found very few friends in the government in the aftermath of the 9/11, the legacy of which is still felt today.” <uh, like blacks recruited by Saudi imams  for conversion to Islam in U.S. prisons?>

At other times, the analogy is with Irish-Americans, who are also classified as white by the U.S. Census, but who have historically been considered non-white and suffered racial discrimination. Some Muslim-Americans have also drawn an analogy with Jewish-Americans, who have achieved a significant role in U.S. politics despite their small numbers <Jewish-Americans attained achievements with hard work and intelligence, not intimidation, terrorism, and uh, being bought off by petrodollars. Again, Since when has any of these groups acted as part of an international theocratic organization that systematically committed murders, rape, and violence en masse?>

One avenue for Muslim-American political participation draws directly on the model of civil rights activism of other groups, such as the NAACP.

The most famous of this sort of organization, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), issues a steady stream of press releases and annual reports that publicize and denounce hate crimes and other instances of discrimination against Muslim-Americans. <of course, terrorist front CAIR>

While some observers are concerned that heightened expressions of Muslim-American piety may be a sign of impending radicalization, there is evidence to the contrary. <wrong! virtually all terrorist attacks in U.S were from devout Muslims>

Our conclusion is that Muslim-Americans are becoming more American, not less American, as they engage in identity politics. <then explain the 2nd and 3rd generation jihadists> The formation of Muslim-American Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops is a powerful example of this process. <like using Muslim Scouts on phone bank to push political agenda?> On one hand, these groups are a form of separatism, marking Muslim-American youths as distinct from other American children. But the fact that these groups emerged within the American scouting movement is a sign that they are embracing, not rejecting, their American-ness <baloney! Did non-Muslim Scouts get used similarly to push political agenda>. So far as we can find, no Muslim-American scout has ever engaged in an act of terrorism <maybe not yet?>—and we feel it is a safe bet to predict that none ever will <as safe as your bank account full of petrodollars?>. Muslim-Americans are becoming more American, not less American, as they engage in identity politics.

This document is a research report submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice. This research project found that Muslim-American communities strongly reject radical jihadi ideology <blatant lie #1>, are eager to contribute to the national counter terrorism effort <blatant lie #2>, and are fiercely committed to integration within the mainstream of American social and economic life <blatant lie #3>. As explained in Part 2 of this report, Muslim-American communities are taking a variety of positive steps that help prevent radicalization within their communities: 1) they consistently denounce terrorism directed at the United States; <blatant lie #4> 2) they engage in self-policing by prohibiting radical sermons in their mosques and taking action against radical views expressed by outsiders or community members <blatant lie #5>; 3) they are building strong institutions within their communities to direct their youth in a positive direction <blatant lie #6>; 4) they are addressing their grievances through political mobilization <blatant lie #7>; and 5) they are emphasizing their identity as Muslim-Americans. In addition, Muslim-Americans have developed strong working relationships with federal and local law enforcement agencies <blatant lie #8>.

<it must be tough to beat 8 blatant lies in 1 single paragraph. Hey Schanzer, are you sure you are Jewish and not Muzzy? Jews use taqiyya too, or just pathetic self serving, self-loathing traitorous Jews called “Yehudonims”?>

Nonetheless, there is an uneasy tension in the relationship between Muslim-Americans and other Americans that causes concern. Whether it is from public opinion polls, media coverage, commentary by angry voices on the Internet and talk radio, or portrayals of Muslims in popular culture, Muslim-Americans sense an element of hostility towards both Islam and Muslims emanating from at least a portion of American society. <No kidding!>
Also, while Muslim-Americans accept the need for enhanced security measures, they also perceive many
government counter-terrorism, security, and immigration policies to be unfair and discriminatory in their application to Muslims-Americans <why hasn’t any of other religious groups had that perception?>. Finally, they have many disagreements with American foreign policy. These disagreements have been present for many decades, but due to 9/11 and subsequent events over the past eight years in the United States, the Middle East, and South Asia, these issues have become more relevant and the schisms more intense <duh, who caused 9/11? Mixing cause and effect again?>. The presence of these tensions does not, in our view, imply widespread radicalization among Muslim-Americans or the potential for widespread radicalization
in the future. However, isolated instances of radicalization <isolated instances?> may continue to occur in the corners of society because small groups<small groups?> or individuals who are vulnerable to radicalization or who are socially isolated may misinterpret <misinterpret?> and magnify the discontent and unease among mainstream Muslim-Americans.
Our recommendations, therefore, have two goals: building on the successes of Muslim-American com-munities that are associated with low levels of radicalization in the United States and creating a more positive environment for Muslim-Americans so their anti-radicalization measures will continue to be effective.

The most significant positive trend we have identified is the increased political mobilization of Muslim-Americans. Participation of Muslim-Americans in political life has a number of positive impacts: 1) grievances are brought into the public sphere and clearly articulated so they do not fester and deepen, 2) disputes are resolved through debate, compromise, and routine political procedures, and 3) political mobilization leads to ever-increasing numbers of Muslim-American leaders speaking responsibly about difficult issues on both the national and international stages. <you mean all the Capitol Days and Muslim Appreciation Days when Muslims try to pressure and bribe U.S. congressmen and congresswomen toward Shariah Law compliance and eventual global Islamic domination?> The political mobilization of Muslim-Americans is not only a beneficial development in terms of stunting domestic radicalization, but it also demonstrates to Muslims around the world that Muslims do have a voice in America and are working to resolve their grievances through peaceful, democratic means. We believe that public officials should encourage the continued political mobilization of Muslim-American communities and take steps to further integrate Muslim-Americans and Muslim-American organizations into American political life. <Hey Schanzer cancer, how much is your Arab master paying you? What will your bonus be when Shariah Law takes over U.S. Constitution and Islamization is complete in America?> Both major political parties should organize to actively seek the Muslim-American vote as they do with other ethnic and religious groups. Public officials should attend events at mosques as they do at churches and synagogues. Muslim-American community groups should be invited to participate in community forums and events. It will be beneficial if these activities take place at both the national and local levels of government. We believe it is in our national security interest for members of both parties to appear publicly with Muslim leaders, attend events with Muslims, attend services at mosques, and promote Muslim candidates in elections. <‘We’? ‘our national security interest’? Are you sure you didn’t mean YOUR pocket or YOUR personal bank account?> President Obama has continued the tradition of holding an Iftar dinner at the White House which is a positive and important statement. He should make a special effort to hold other events with Muslim-Americans to address the disappointment many felt during the presidential campaign, in which the false claim that he is a Muslim was used by some as a political weapon and perceived as a political vulnerability <Obama is a Muslim alright, just based on his behavior and action alone>. Inclusion of Muslim-American organizations in our political system is also important and needs to be encouraged <yep, important for Islamization, and encouraged for sleazy traitors like you!>. We neither support nor oppose the agendas of Muslim-American organizations; we merely note that such groups play a valuable role in our political system and are one avenue for individuals to express themselves and gain representation for their views.

Public opinion polls in the United States suggest that a significant minority of Americans are highly suspicious of Muslim-Americans<And rightfully so! It likely become a majority with time> and seemingly unaware of the consistent and strong public denunciations of violence by Muslim-American organizations and leaders. <Baloney!>

This report has not been published by the Department. <Not surprising, considering it is devoid of material of any value but Wahhabi propaganda> Opinions or points of view expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice. <Understandable! Otherwise, U.S.A would have been in a civil war>

X. Summit on Countering Violent Extremism

a. Host: Michael Krasny

b. Guests:

  • David Schanzer, director of Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security in the Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University
  • Kori Schake, research fellow, Hoover Institution; author of “State of Disrepair: Fixing the Culture and Practices of the State Department”
  • Zahra Billoo, executive director, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR<’nuff said>), San Francisco Bay Area chapter

c. Highlights:

“One thing that is ignored when we kind of talk about all these themes that are going on in the conference, a lot of the problem is that a lot of this is motivated by the west and its role in the Middle East. It is greatly protested. U.S. foreign policy and western foreign policy and a lot of the interventions that we’ve done. And so unfortunately, the issues that President Obama is mentioning only deal with part of the root causes.” <Hey Schanzer, shamelessly blaming Muslim terrorism on the West and U.S. policy, again? Please explain the death toll of 600 millions by Mohammedians worldwide even before U.S. was formed as a nation. Why is it that %99 of nearly 27,000 terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11 that killed nearly 3,000 civilians have been caused by Muslims? Iran-Iraq War alone killed nearly 1 million Muslims. Muslims killing Muslims. Where was U.S. in the blame game there? Saudi-Yemen War killed nearly 100,000 Muslims. Again, Muslims killing Muslims. Where was U.S. in the blame game there?>– David Schanzer

“There’s a number of concerns [with the conference]: the singular focus on Muslims when statistically speaking there is not any more likelihood of violence among Muslim youth than other youth is one problem <blatant lie, Muslims are 150 times more likely to commit murders and violence than non-Muslims>. The other problem is the top-down government approach. Unfortunately, the Muslim community’s relationship with law enforcement is stressed after 15 years of informants, of surveillance <uh, why the need for informants again? what caused 9/11 again? Nice taqiyya but try again>, and then of very problematic foreign policies. And I would say the third concern is that civil liberties organizations have attempted to engage the White House and the administration on these very problematic approaches and efforts and have not gotten any response back”. <civil liberties organizations, aka CAIR? ‘Nuff said. Next!> -Zahra Billoo

“The dilemma of governing Iraq is partly the set of problems about how authoritarian societies transition to representative government. And that went very badly in Iraq. In part because we allowed a transition to Iraqi governance very quickly after the United States overthrew Saddam Hussein, and that allowed the Shia majority to monopolize power. … But I also think there are things that the Bush administration did right, and the proof that they did them right is that the Obama administration is actually now returning to them, which is to deal with this as a global problem, not simply a problem unique to the Muslim world, or unique to the Middle East <where else have people been killing each other for centuries?>.”- Kori Schake

The discussion in forum is quite telling ….

I don’t think it is an honest discussion when it is asserted that the Islamic State is not Islamic because that tars 1.5 billion people. I can’t think of an apt comparison to illustrate the absurdity but it is insulting and patronizing <you know the dhimmi ran out of reasons when they referenced the 1.5 billion Muzzies, as if people born in Muslim countries, most of which have explosive birthrate, have fair religious choices>. As if to state the obvious would unleash a torrent of anti-Muslim bigotry! It is hard to get past this spin and it undermines the credibility of anything else said.

    • Avatar

      Chris – No one is denying that ISIS is comprised of Muslims. Or that they are acting based on what they perceive as their religious duty or responsibility. But I think <think? not taiqyya?> that the majority of Muslims around the world should have every opportunity to push back against these ideas to show that ISIS’s activities are directly contrary to historical, legitimate and authorized Islamic law, jurisprudence, and ethics as developed over 1400 years <what an idiotic contradiction! How much more opportunities should be given to Muzzies to learn to live in peace given that took none during 1,400 years of killing, non-Muslims and each others?>. That is the point people are trying to make when they say that ISIS is not Islamic <no it is NOT, based on the audio comments from the bought out panel of guests that was no doubt on Saudi payroll, including you and the CAIR weasel>.

      • David, I agree that the ISIS is comprised of Muslims, but I don’t agree with “Or that they are acting based on what they perceive as their religious duty or responsibility.” <your disagreement was valid, since Mr. Schanzer was just exposed as a pathetic self-serving, self-loathing self-proclaimed traitorous Jew aka so-called Yehudonim shamelessly spewing taqiyya nonsense just learned from his Arab master> For instance, if they all want to reach heaven as Muslim Matyrs, why don’t the leaders become suicide bombers themselves? They are NOT carrying out any religious duties, only using religion as the Opiate to drive their fighters. They seek only political power.

  • It is ridiculous that we say extremist without saying Islamic. The U.S. is tiptoeing around this issue and trying so hard to be PC but in reality ISIS does what it does with strict conformity for what is written in the Koran <absolutely!>. Religious fanaticism exists in all religions, but pretending and lying to people saying that they are not Islamic is disingenuous <indeed!>. ISIS is trying to create an Islamic Heaven on earth <correct!>. What is needed is a redefinition and reinterpretation of the Koran. <The agenda-full dhimmi guest panel on Saudi payroll care more about filling their pockets with petrodollars than about morality, lying or being disingenuous>

    • ISIS is a apocalyptic group not trying to create Heaven on Earth.…
      or search apocalyptic isis for other articles.

      Who cares that much whether we say Islamic extremist or terrorist? Only the right is hung up on this word. Do they want to fulfill ISIS belief that they are in a holy war for the end of the world. Maybe they are Christians that buy into the same notion. All is a perversion of religious text. I would not call people who believed in a religious war and hoped to bring about the end of the world as either Islamic or Christian <blah blah blah another pathetic inbred Muzzy goat humper shamelessly spewing boring taqiyya nonsense, the only thing he or she is good at doing and taught by a murderous pedophile>.

      The fact people think that it is disingenuous not to use Islamic is small potatoes. It is like focusing on one tree and not seeing the forest. <blah blah blah another pathetic inbred Muzzy goat humper shamelessly spewing boring taqiyya nonsense, the only thing he or she is good at doing and taught by a murderous pedophile>.

      • A forest is comprised of many trees, to overlook 10% <actually even a little higher than that! %49.9 support Bin Laden, and %38 Muslims support the 9/11 attack that killed 3,000 civilians>  of infectious trees does not seem like small potatoes to me. Why are we concerned with everything else “around the margins” in the world like a few measles cases in CA, Ebola, spawning salmon, dead seal pups…The reason is because it is infectious and indicative of what might come if left not confronted. To not call what everyone can see is Islamic terrorism is just not accurate <bought out dhimmi care more about stuffing their pockets with petrodollars than speaking the truth and upholding morality> – what do you think the “I” stands for in ISIL, ISIS, IS? To overlook a central fact, even if it is a perversion of Islam, does the whole argument a disservice <indeed, and worse that it’s been done intentionally>.

        • I don’t buy you analogies. It is more like worry about whether the measles are called rubeola, or red measles. I do not have a problem calling them Islamic terrorist, terrorist, ISIS, arab extremist, but for diplomatic reason we need other Islamic people to be on our side.

          The fact is that only the Republicans and ISIS are really way to concerned that Islamic is being used to describe this group. Nice company. Personally, I just think the Republicans are just feeding into the ISIS narrative with this and ISIS probably thanks them. Maybe you guys want this to be a holy war? Who else cares about the name?

          It is small potatoes because whatever you call them, we will still have to deal with them no more no less. Measles or rubeola.
          This is it for me to much of a time waste.

        • Avatar

          Yes, but of course all these groups want to use the I word because they are trying to bestow upon themselves religious legitimacy. When we simply repeat that, we are doing their work for them. No one is overlooking that these people are Muslims and they point to a literalistic interpretation of the Qu’ran (one rejected by any serious Muslim scholar or cleric) to justify their horrors. But who is the US government – with absolutely no credentials, no expertise, and no credibility – to directly link a certain activity with religion? Especially our government based on the constitutional principle that we should treat all religions fairly and not establish any official religion. We do a lot better when we focus on what people do and try to describe their actions than when we pretend to try and label what their motivations were for that action.

      • They are an apocalyptic group, however there ultimate goal is to have heaven on earth after the apocalypse, after the 5000 survive. Also, strictly following Sharis law could be considered their heaven. Finally, identifying them as Islam would show that our seemingly incompetent government has a handle on the situation versus their usual incompetency. Generic terms like extremist or terrorist keeps people uninformed. Language is quite powerful and your “who cares” attitude shows how little you know if it’s importance.

        • Well I do not agree with you on the incompetency if competence means that you want to put boots on the ground. That did not serve us well in the past and we would only feed into the ISIS narrative. Incompetency is only the Republican narrative and they offer no new ideas. It is to talk. We are supporting the Kurds, but beyond that it is a mess. Islamic countries are going to have do some sorting out before we should decide who to back beyond what we are doing already.

          The administration is talking about why they are not calling it Islamic terrorist. Language is quite powerful, but generalization can be quite unhelpful for our interests. As what was said on this program in reply to your post. And the administration has said.

          You don’t like it it is just a difference in opinion. Other people can’t have a different opinion? It just the right getting their panties in a bunch, have fun. The left doesn’t care.

          • We ARE not supporting the Kurds. Check on it.

            • Well I would agree we are not supporting the Kurds enough now and in the past support Kurds through Baghdad I do really wonder if that actually happened.

              But here you go: Wall Street Journal:…

              The U.S. is providing direct, covert military aid to Kurdish forces struggling to repel well-armed Sunni militants (ISIS) who have seized key parts of northern Iraq, U.S. officials said Monday.

              US gives military aid to Iraqi Kurds fighting Isis…

              The US has agreed to give direct military aid to Iraq’s Kurdish peshmerga forces, extending Washington’s involvement in a conflict with Islamist insurgents who have already taken control of large parts of the country.

              Most of it probably covert given the politics of the area and US relationship with Turkey.… “Is the new US airbase in Iraqi Kurdistan all about Iran?” Oct 2014

              There is apparently a drone base in Iraq Kurdistan and “750 US advisers” Iraq US Begins Direct Arms Supplies to Iraqi Kurds…

              Some of the about 750 American troops sent to Iraq recently to protect US facilities and serve as military advisers have been dispatched to the Kurdish region, but they are so far taking on only an assessment role, Barzani told the paper. He declined to comment on reports that a US drone base has been established on Kurdish territory.

              But also: US to establish new military base in Iraq’s Kurdistan: Report

              HomeUSMilitary Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:34AM…

              search: military base in kurdistan iraq

              If you go back to when US under Bush invade Iraq well than we are talking lots of money and troops, but I think you are talking about recently. I think in the future support will increase though much of it will still be covert.

    • Avatar

      Anyone can interpret a religious text and say what they are doing, even if violent and reprehensible, is somehow “mandated by God.” The question is – who has the authority to interpret the Qu’ran? Whose interpretations are more authoritative, more deserving of respect and following? There is no one associated with ISIS that has the standing to interpret the Qu’ran to justify the horrors that this group is perpetrating. A deeply misguided Jew interpreted the Old Testament to justify the killing of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzach Rabin. As a Jew, I don’t accept that reading of our holy text and neither do the vast majority of Jews and it does not require a reinterpretation of the Old Testament to simply say that this person (just like ISIS) is wrong.

      • Good grief – are you over-analyzing or what? <over-taqiyying is probably more accurate> IS – Islamic State – claims the teachings of Islam as their guide, Shariah law and supremacy their goal, and anything or anyone that gets in between them and that goal is dead, beheaded, burned alive, raped, kidnapped for ransom or sold into slavery. Really, with all due respect, you want to get into the weeds this much? <it seems the traitorous Yehudonim was more into Saudi petrodollars than weed, though he might want both> Sounds like psycho-babble gobble-d-goop. They are evil, we need to destroy evil and the details <likely just the petrodollars for this Yehudonim> are only important to you and the people who claim the straw man argument that we are “making sure that we don’t smear all Muslims”. No one is doing that. But 10-15% <likely a little higher than that, as %49.9 Muzzies support Bin Ladin and %38 support 9/11 attack> of 1.5 Billion that are radicalized is no small number. And today, polling in the UK found that 27% of Muslims SUPPORT the actions of ISIS <uh, where is Schanzer? The 2-faced weasel ran away when presented with facts and statistics, typical traitorous dhimmi!>. Put that in your pipe. <or hookah, for this Yehudonim>

    • As I understand it, violence is specified and condoned in the key Islamic texts, therefore Islam is violent by nature. What type of fool would look at that and think “Let’s go with that…” instead of rejecting Islam?

      That said, 9/11 was not done by Muslim bogeymen. See here:…

      • While at war the Koran allows much violence. Also, those who are Muslim but are not practicing are to be put to death. Maybe u should brush up.

        • How convenient then for the extremists then that the USA is in a never-ending war, to justify their own never-ending war. What if the extremists decide that war is eternal?

          Also while at peace, honor killings continue.

          While at peace, people who leave Islam are supposed to be murdered.

          While at peace, Islam allows non-Muslims to be hit with a special tax that makes their lives miserable.

          It’s been a while since I read about this stuff, though.
          Ibn Warraq has a good book called Why I’m Not a Muslim.

  • Why do NPR, the left and Obama feel they have to carry Islam’s water? If Muslims feel they have a bad image, let them deal with it.

    • Divide and conquer. The 1%, who own the corporations and most of America, insist on finding every possible way to keep the proletarians at odds.
      The centrists like NPR & Obama do it for them gladly, but so does the right.
      There is no “left” in America.

      • oh please- there is no left in America? you’d have to define political “left” to refute that.

        • Read the Communist Manifesto if you don’t know what Leftism is.
          You’re responsible for you own education.
          If you want to be mis-educated, continue watching Fox News.

          • No what I was asking is what YOU think the left is politically. There is a reason that no major power is of the left you define. America never embraced the type of left you describe. who owns the corporations?- pensioners, government workers, people with 401’s, IRA’s.

            Why are you still here if you want to live in communist country?

    • Obama is ISIS. The sooner people realize it the better. <Hussein Obama is a Muslim, that is for sure>

  • I would like to know why Obama has not been charged with high treason <same question posed by many>.

  • Those bloody barbarian murderers, are neither Islamist or state <LOL> ,they are paid agents for foreign groups ,specially those who have been advocating the false concept of the so called clash of civilization who also created the false term Islamofaschist , the PNACERS ,people like Frank Gafney, Daniel Pipe, Bernard Lewis, Michael Ladeen, Norman Podhertz, Richard Perle, and the rest of the dual citizens Israeli agents in the U S …One can easily reach this conclusion by asking the simple question of who benefit from the bloody barbaric action of those bloody group ,it is surely is neither the Arabs or Muslims ,in fact both are the biggest losers as they are by far the victims of ISIL bloody actions ,but also both peoples honor and reputation are damage by the action of those traitors , just like Ben Laden before them was used to invade and destroy Iraq ..I also must mention as expected from Michael Kasny who repeatedly ask so many loaded questions that implies that those bloody losers represents Islam and Muslims <blah blah blah another pathetic inbred Muzzy goat humper shamelessly spewing boring taqiyya nonsense, the only thing he or she is good at and taught by a murderous pedophile>.

  • Your are Describing snowflakes to hikers on the Sahara:
    “These (ISIS) are insurgents against corruption and oppression and totalitarian rule.” says ‘jack’.. ….’these are deeply complex issues’.
    Michael K: ” Are we talking about political issues being dressed up as religion?”
    Jill ( Cori Asaka.): ” Absolutely. That is exactly right, Michael” (apologies for poor transcription)


    Dear Michael, whom I deeply respect, you are making a 640 pixel error on a 1020 pixel template. In NO way is it political, as we know it <we all know it, even the jackass knew it, but he was using taqiyya>. I honor your attempt to translate into the simplified view of your listeners, but there is no correspondence between Our politics and the estimation of what tribal peoples need to navigate. None. I hope you would have two different authors on, both anthropologists, to discuss a) the motivation of young alienated men… (of whatever religion) by Scott Atran, author of the book: Speaking with the Enemy, and also Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, author of : The Thistle and the Drone to speak on life in the periphery <no author or higher literature discussion if the conversation is based on Muzzie taiqyya, or lies, deceptions, and lots of them!>.

    In the west we have zero understanding of tribal affiliation (‘they live on reservations, don’t they?’) and an absence of understanding between the center and the periphery. The center runs on rent, and taxes and can fund law and law enforcement, and the periphery… is not rich enough to fund those extravagances. You can observe where those places are by looking at a world map an night and seeing where all the lights shining…. are not. Where the dark places are… the poor places. (This is where terrorist hide, and by the way, many, many other ‘unpopular’ people. In days of old, friends, this is where you would find the Christians.)

    That is where tribe and tradition take the place of Law and law enforcement, and yes, they have religion there as well.

    The investigation of the ignorance of the president’s colloquium on Terror, or Extremist groups is laudable <indeed>. Thank you for that. The depth of analysis of the machine language people to understanding actual humanity is still jaw dropping. It may take more than Scott, and Akbar… it also may take William Irwin Thompson.

    So I laud your efforts. But until you include those authors I mentioned, you are either trying to describe qualities of sand to Eskimos, or qualities of snowflakes to desert Arabs. <it’s actually worse, trying to describe fake snow and fake sand; Mr. Hussein Obama was putting on a sideshow> Good Luck!

  • There was a summit on countering violent extremism at the White House?!

    Does that mean they discussed US foreign policy the whole time? And US Drone Wars against Muslims in several countries around the world? Now that is quite an extreme and violent policy

  • Islam is hard to define. Once again the drivers of fear of the unknown are clearly illustrated.There are many sects of the faith. The Sunni – Shia schism is a real issue. Iranians are not Arab, and do not speak arabic, yet they are lumped in with Sunnis routinely by those that know little or nothing of what or whom they fear.

    • And NO REFORM Muslims were invited. One would think that they would be exactly the “moderate” Muslims to connect with. If Americans don’t understand the Muslim Brotherhood and their infiltration into our government, they better bone up and wake up. <You, Sir, are the enlightened one!>

  • A lot of people don’t realize the U.S. was very popular in the Arab world at the close of WW1. Far more so than European powers who espoused dishonest Imperialist policies like Sykes Picot. What could the US do to regain some of this credibility in the region?

    • Avatar

      Good question. Obama made a good start in his speech in Cairo, but a lot of those good intentions got hijacked by reality. The Arab Uprisings starting in 2011 have altered the landscape in ways that will not be sorted out for many years. We should not overestimate our ability to shape this future from thousands of miles away. While I don’t agree with Tom Friedman on everything, I think he has it right when he says we should focus hard on the few seeds of decency in this region – Tunisia, Kurdistan, Jordan – and try to show that countries that partner with the West while maintaining their Islamic identity can succeed and build better futures for their people. For the rest, try to stay out of their affairs as much as possible and contain (not attempt to defeat) these violent movements that could threaten us as they did on 9/11. <blah blah blah pathetic self-serving, self-loathing self-proclaimed traitorous Jew aka so-called Yehudonim shamelessly spewing taqiyya nonsense just learned from his Arab master>

      • Not defeat? You think this can be contained? What was Obama’s “good start?” That he apologized for us? The US has SAVED millions of Muslim AND Christian lives. Would it have been better that Saddam stayed in power and terrorized the innocent people there with his sadistic sons? What happened in Libya? More dying there. Asaad and Syria? Innocents being terrorized from all sides. Obama said – and I wish I could quote exactly – that the Muslim world would like America more JUST BECAUSE he was elected. Not so much. Obama is in “Pretendistan” and such a narcissist he things his WORDS are the solution and everyone will fall all over themselves doing as he deign.

    • Perhaps stop occupying countries or end the support for right-wing monarchs. <blah blah blah another pathetic inbred Muzzy goat humper shamelessly spewing boring taqiyya nonsense, the only thing he or she is good at and taught by a murderous pedophile>

    • The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was probably the most famous and most popular leader in the Arab world in his time. His enthusiastic and continued support for Hitler would have huge implications for the future of the Middle East. Yasir Arafat began his career working for the Mufti after the war and would continue to praise him as late as 2002. Perhaps this alliance helped create the situation we have today. <blah blah blah another pathetic inbred Muzzy goat humper shamelessly spewing boring taqiyya nonsense, the only thing he or she is good at and taught by a murderous pedophile>

  • “Extremist” Japanese Buddhists and Shinto priests during WWII aided and abetted the Japanese Empire, and used Japanese traditions such as Bushido to argue that what happened at their POW camps and other places was morally right. They used religion to endorse and encourage a form of ritual military suicide. Yet nobody today would seriously consider these actions to be things which define Japanese or Buddhist culture. Ultimately, all “extremism” is historically and socially situated. There’s nothing in the Koran or Hadiths that are more violent than the content of the Old Testament (for instance, David’s “tribute” to Saul). <there is a reason that it’s called the “Old” Testament, jackass! No sane Christian practices literally what’s said in the Old Testament anymore, unlike you the Islamic death rape cultists with the Qu’ran>

  • The problems that ISIL, Al Qaeda, etc have created for Civilization and the debates ensuing the solution is like medicine 100 years ago addressing the maladies of its day that today are effectively treated.

    We wrestle with individual and minority rights that delays action.

    Until a real solution is formulated, perhaps generations from now, just as amputation was often the answer yesterday to save the rest of the body, drastic but necessary methods are necessary today. Further delay may endanger the rest of the body that we consider civilization. <it might already be too late for many parts of Europe!>

  • The violent extremism that we need to be concerned about is that of the 1% and corporations. They have brought about unnecessary wars that killed hundreds of thousands of people. They have a long history of overthrowing regimes that are not business-friendly enough. <blah blah blah another pathetic inbred Muzzy goat humper shamelessly spewing boring taqiyya nonsense, the only thing he or she is good at and taught by a murderous pedophile>

  • Do any of these world leaders have any idea that its often the government itself who has caused the radicalism of young people, many of who are under/uneducated, unemployed and living lives of desperation. If you mistreat and neglect a puppy do not be surprised if it grows into a dog that will seek revenge.

    Sadly, even our own government tends to talk a problem away rather than do the hard work that would prevent the problem(s) in the first place! Trust me, KQED Forum will do another show on this very issue a year from now, two and five years from now. Nothing will have changed! <blah blah blah another pathetic inbred Muzzy goat humper shamelessly spewing boring taqiyya nonsense, the only thing he or she is good at and taught by a murderous pedophile>

    • Nothing will be done until another 911 attack is executed here <or another civil war>

      • Don’t worry, the CIA and Pentagon are hard at work on setting that up.
        They love their false flag attacks. Unfortunately, their plans include declaring martial law and putting you in an internment camp along with the Muslims. Sorry about that. <blah blah blah another pathetic inbred Muzzy goat humper shamelessly spewing boring taqiyya nonsense, the only thing he’s good at and taught by a murderous pedophile>

  • Comparing ISIL to a mistreated puppy is an INSULT to dogs <no kidding!>; regardless of the history of a dog, unless it is rabid, will eventually respond to kindness and patience. <Unfortunately, most Muslims are rabid dogs that worship a death rape cult>

    Radical Islamists have all drunk the kool-aid that created the rabid madness and extreme actions are necessary to exterminate it.