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Effect of Muslims and mosques on Western society

Effect of Muslims and mosques on Western society

Terror-lined mosquesAs reported by concit …

A General Social Impact Assessment of Mosques in Australian Neighbourhoods. by Dr. Frank Salter, BA (Hons), M Phil, Ph.D.

1. Introduction

Dr. Salter investigated the social impact of Muslims and mosques on Australian communities. Two proposals were explored:

  1. People who defined themselves by their religion create a loss of trust and social cohesion.
  2. Muslims cause additional negative social impacts.

Seven studies conducted between 2006 and 2013 showed that Muslims outweighed all other religious followers in creating distrust, with disapproval rate for Muslims is 5 times that for Buddhists (in every survey since 2010). The disapproval rate towards the religion Islam was even stronger.

Other studies included in this report highlighted disapproval rates of %44  against Muslims to %70 against the influence of Islam.


2. Findings

The study also found:

1. Terrorism and organized crimes are the most prominent impacts of Muslims (highest from Middle East, especially from Lebanon or Palestine regions, and lower from Indonesia).


Muslim Palestinian terrorists’ stabbing spree. Israel. Nov 2015-Feb 2016.


18-year-old Numan Haider, an Aghanistan-born Muslim terrorist, shot dead by police after stabbing 2 anti-terror police officers in Melbourne, Australia. Sep 23, 2014.


15-year-old Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad, an Iraq-born Muslim terrorist, shot dead by police after his killing of Curtis Cheng, an unarmed police civilian finance worker. Australia. Oct 2, 2015.


Muslim savage shoots & tries to execute gay man after he leaves a club in Australia. Dec 9, 2015, just because according to Islamic death cult & Quran, all homosexuals must be killed.


Muslim woman tries to steal in ethnic grocery store. Australia. Dec 2015.


2. Islamic communities are the major source of terror directed at the West.

3. Muslims are imprisoned 3 times their proportion of population.

4. Muslim unemployment rate and public dependency rate is two to three times the Australian averages.

5. Lack of affiliation or loyalty to non-Muslim host country- 5 times more Muslims volunteered for jihad forces in the Middle East than are presently serving in the Australian Armed Forces.


Demanding Muslim savages complain about music & dancing in Australia, wanting to impose Sharia Law on host kuffar country as part of Islamic conquering strategy to create and expand  Ummah and Islamic Caliphate. Australia. Jan 2016.

6. Muslims anti social behavior includes anti-white assaults and “hyper-masculine and misogynistic culture among young men.

7. Muslims have negative social impacts on neighborhoods.

8. Muslims weakens community identity and cohesion.

9. Muslims reduce trust and sense of public safety.

Turkish PM Recep Erdogan: "There is NO moderate Islam, Islam is Islam!"

Turkish PM Recep Erdogan: “There is NO moderate Islam, Islam is Islam!”

10. Islamic populations and mosques increase the risk of organized crime and terrorism for generations.

11. Muslims and mosques create a large loss of amenity to local residents.

12. As Muslim numbers grow, an area become less livable for non-Muslims (i.e., becoming no-go zones).

13. Mosques contribute to the breakdown in the social fabric of existing communities and creating & contributing to parallel societies by attracting more Muslims and by reproducing Islamic doctrines and identity which maintain the negative behavior.


Muslim mosques are actually disguised Islamic military & Sharia outposts or barracks, says Aynaz Anni Cyrus, a Iranian ex-Muslim.

14. Muslims are slow to assimilate because they marry within their group.

15. Diverse communities with a majority of Muslims are most dysfunctional and have the highest crime rate. They also have the least amount of volunteering, an indicator of cultural cohesion.

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islam-dominates-world behead insulter of Islam Face of Islam : Shariah The Only Solution Face of Islam : Democracy is Cancer, Islam is Answer Face of Islam :Stoning


3. Recommendations

The implications for policy that come out of this report comes up with the following recommendations:

1. Social impact studies should accompany any planning application to build mosques.

2. Councils need to be empowered to preserve the cultural and religious identities of their local, non-Muslim communities.

In contrast to previous social impact reports done by Australian left wing academics who only looked at the social impacts from the Muslim perspective and not the negative effect a mosque would have on the broader Australian community, this study was conducted on a political and religious neutral basis.

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 Muslim-terrorist-attack-at-Bataclan-Theater-in-Paris,-FranceMuslim-terrorists-attack-Paris,-France-Nov-13,-2015 Muslim-terrorist-attack-Orlando Muslim terrorist attack inSan Bernardino, CA Muslim terrorist attack. Umpqua Community College

People often use religion and its community as a stepping stone to assimilation in a new country. But in the case of Islam, the control of mosques and Islamic doctrine made assimilation almost impossible for Muslim migrants and slow down assimilation into local populations.

Stop IslamSalter finishes this detailed study by underscoring that the social impact of Islam is essentially “a clash of civilizations”.

NOTE: This is an important study because it is perhaps the first social impact study done without a left wing multicultural bias. It proves the social cost of Muslims coming into community in the West, generally, and into Australian community, specifically.

Islamic pedophiliaThere will be an increase in rape and violent crime. There will be an increase in assaults, harassment that are anti-white and demeaning of women in its nature. There will only be limited assimilation. There will be an increase in terror. The quality of life will decrease for non-Muslims. There will be white flight” and a lowering of house prices. Mosques will attract more of the same anti-social behavior as they build up more Muslims in the community surrounding a mosque (2 percent of Muslims in the general population but 11% around a mosque). Mosques are the stronghold for a clash of civilizations that will be felt for generations. Councils need to consider this impact before approving any mosques in their community.

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