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Muslim-owned and Muslim-operated websites

A few Muslim-owned and Muslim-operated websites in the West.

Muslim biased websites,,,,


The Huffington Post is owned by AOL (bought by Verizon in June 2015 from Time-Warner) but operated by Muslims, and teamed with former Al Jazeera head Waddah Khanfar who has been long tied to terrorist organizations Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood whose members, in turn, were tied to terrorist designated CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), and faced executions by Egypt.

A casual observer would quickly realize that in many, if not all, of the forums run by these sites, just like in many non-Muslim internet forums with Muslim or Islamic terrorism related topics, there is a disproportionally large number of Muslims masquerading as someone else not of their own identities, with fake English names, fake avatars, fake religions (pretending to be Protestant, Catholic, Atheist, or any other non-Muslim religious groups), fake stories, engaging in back-and-forth exchanges among themselves, asking fake questions and giving self-serving answers, creating a meme that defends the death cult and its atrocities caused almost daily by its members worldwide, while simultaneously criticizing and blaming America, Israel, and the West, in general.

HuffingtonPost forum, as part of which regularly produces Muslim and Islam related online articles, specifically has Muslim recruiters on standby, trying to convert non-suspecting non-Muslim visitors who ask questions about the death cult. In short, the forum could be quite confusing to non-Muslim, non-suspecting netizens who happen to visit those forums for the first time, but for many who are aware of their trickery, the acts are increasingly watched as parts of a sideshow with rather high entertainment value, and frequently referred to as performed by the ‘Muslim circle jerk’ that also debut in forums of sites like,, and There are many more of such sites that are/were of English language but owned and/or operated by Muslims to purposely spread the death cult’s propaganda, obfuscate the truth, create false impressions to confuse the infidel, and disseminate the seemingly ubiquitous taqiyya/kitman, the Muslim techniques of lies and deceptions on a massive scale. Non-Muslims beware!



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