Justin Trudeau-another useful idiot dhimmi or a closet Muslim jihadist?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is half a dozen. The photos are self-explanatory and no words are needed. Now one can add “Muslim useful idiot” or “dhimmi” and “Canada’s Prime minister”, unfortunately, to the list of Justin Trudeau’s so-called accomplishments: Camp instructor, snowboard instructor, bouncer, radio talk show, white-water rafting instructor, high school teacher, engineer school dropout, grad school dropout, Muslim useful idiot, Canada’s Prime Minister.


Justin Trudeau just another Muslim useful idiot

Justin Trudeau gets cozy and pillow-talking with fellow Islamists.


August 2015, Liberal Leader now Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met behind closed doors,  with a group of Islamists in Regina mosque, where the press was not allowed, likely to make deals and buy votes from Muslims to win the election (which he ended up winning). Muslims are known to be politically active, under the instruction of their national leadership such as terrorist designated CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, and united in their votes, for their single chosen candidate who would support Muslim immigration and establishment of Shariah Law in the host country, using all means, even illegal and abusive ones, to gain votes, including ordering Muslim Boy and Girl Scouts troops to run telephonic campaign, for example. In 2013, Trudeau spent an evening during Muslim month of Ramadan at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Islamic center west of Toronto, which Regina mosque is closely associated with, and which, along with a number of terrorist front organizations, have been listed by the U.S. Justice Department as “unindicted co-conspirators” in Holy Land Foundation Trial (2007) for its funding of Hamas (via Mousa Abu Marzook, a Palestinian senior member of Hamas) and other support of terrorism. March, 2011, Justin Trudeau visited Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah, a Montreal mosque that had been identified in a U.S. Department of Defense report as an al-Qaida recruitment center. Trudeau’s alibi was that he had no knowledge about the terrorist link of the mosque, despite the fact that as early as 2006, this mosque was well known in Quebec as a hotbed of Islamic extremism, and where the Imam and congregation was committed to jihad and hatred towards non-Muslims with evidenced video showing imam’s praying to God to “kill all the enemies of Islam to the last” in one of the mid-day prayers. Trudeau later visited another “Wahhabi Mosque”, in his own words, that had issued fatwas from a radical Saudi cleric asking for Muslims to kill any Muslim who does not practice the rituals of their faith.


Justin Trudeau just another Muslim useful idiot

Traitorous Justin Trudeau in proud group photo with his base of Muzzy supporters.


Justin Trudeau just another Muslim useful idiot

Justin Trudeau, the closet Muslim, prays with his Muzzy brethens. 


  Islam killed most people

Mo’ killed most people, indeed!  


Justin Trudeau just another Muslim useful idiot

Justin Trudeau was keynote speaker at Hamas sponsored Islamic Relief event.


Justin Trudeau just another Muslim useful idiot

Justin Trudeau was keynote speaker at Reviving Islamic Spirit.


Justin Trudeau just another Muslim useful idiot

Justin Trudeau’s shocking answers regarding Boston Bombings. Would his answer be the same if the victims included his children or his wife? By sympathizing with the perpetrators and their families instead of their victims, Justin Trudeau might just earn himself some friends Mr’s. Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull.



Just exactly who is Justin Trudeau?  


An interview with Peter Mansbridge.  


(Click to enlarge)

Justin Trudeau just another Muslim useful idiot

Justin Trudeau with Sheikh Omar Subedar who advocates beating wives.



Dhimmi Justin Trudeau arrests Canadian patriot for exposing hate speech by Muslims.  


Dhimmi Justin Trudeau’s Sharia compliant police arrests Canadian patriot but let Muslims protest.  


Globalist puppet & doofus Justin Trudeau awkwardly walks alone, trying to make conversation with U.S. President Trump, as world leaders completely ignore him at G20 Summit. Hamburg, Germany.  Jul 8, 2017.


Globalist puppet & doofus Justin Trudeau awkwardly stands alone, as world leaders (G7 minus 1) completely ignore him at G7 Summt. Taormina (ME), Sicily, Italy.  May 26–27, 2017.

Rejected by adults, globalist puppet & secret Muslim Justin Trudeau awkwardly tries to look self-important & make a conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump at G20 Summit. Hamburg, Germany. 7–8 July 2017.  At the Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians, Imam Sheikh Omar Subedar of the Islamic Society of Peel in Canada, instructed how to treat women in domestic disagreements “Strike them: If the problem still does not get resolved then as a final resort Allah has permitted the husband to discipline his wife by striking her.” In 2011, Justin Trudeau criticized the new citizenship guide book for new immigrants, called Discover Canada, with a passage stating, “Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, ‘honor killings,’ female genital mutilation, forced marriage or other gender-based violence.” He lamented, “There needs to be a little bit of an attempt at responsible neutrality” by the Canadian government and added that ‘Honor’ killings shouldn’t be called “barbaric.” In 2010, Justin Trudeau spoke at a Muslim conference in Toronto that was sponsored by IRFAN-Canada whose charitable status was later (2011) stripped by the Canada Revenue Agency, for using deceptive fundraising to send nearly $15 million to groups with ties to the terrorist group Hamas. One of Justin Trudeau’s advisers is his own brother, Alexandre “Sacha” Trudeau who once wrote a bizarre column in the Toronto Star praising Fidel Castro, saying, “His intellect is one of the most broad that can be found … Combined with a Herculean physique and extraordinary courage, this monumental intellect makes Fidel the giant that he is.” As a film-maker, Sacha made mostly leftist and Islamic propaganda-laden documentary films, including an anti-American movie Embedded in Baghdad“,  an anti-Israel movie “The Fence”, and “The New Great Game” (in co-operation with Press TV, the state-run propaganda agency of Iran) which glorified Iran in its defiance of America and Israel. Just like Hussein Obama has Communist Valerie Jarrett, and Hillary Clinton has Muslim Brotherhoold’s mole Huma Abedin for top advisers, Justin Trudeau’s top adviser is Omar Alghabra, the Saudi-born former president of the Canadian Arab Federation who briefly served as an MP from Mississauga. Alghabra once denounced Canada’s largest newspaper chain for using the term “terrorist” to describe Muslim terrorist groups like the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. In 2005, he wrote a letter to Toronto’s police chief condemning the chief for participating in a charity walk for Israel, saying Israel was “conducting a brutal and the longest contemporary military occupation in the world.” In a letter to a journalist, he wrote the chief’s visit to Israel was comparable to visiting Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship. When PLO leader Yasser Arafat died, Alghabra put out a press release announcing he was mourning for him. When Canada was setting up a no-fly list for passengers considered security threats, Alghabra opposed it. When Ontario narrowly rejected adopting shariah law for Muslim divorces, Alghabra was disappointed, calling it “unfortunate.” As Caliphate Canada and Caliphate Americana are in formation, Canadians should expect the following actions to be taken shortly by their newly elected Shariah compliant PM, aka Prime Muslim useful idiot, to keep his part of the deal with the Islamists and jihadist brethens, at the expense of Canadian patriots, conservatives, and non-Muslims:


Are Canadians ready for these ungrateful sub-humanoids to be their neighbors?


Globalist puppet & corrupt dhimmi Justin Trudeau avoids answering questions about his multiple ethical violations while holding public office.

Justin Trudeau most likely will …

1) Accept 25,000 thugs, rapists, jihadists, and economic parasites of mostly (%90) males masquerading as refugees.

2) Normalize relations with “Death-to-America”-chanted Iran and end all military operations against ISIS.

3) Deactivate Bill C-24 that removes the citizenship Canadians who are terrorists.

4) Repeal part of the anti-terrorist legislation Bill C-51.

5) Vote on anti-Israel course of actions in United Nation and G8 meetings.

6) Issue attacks and fatwa’s against Canadian patriots, conservatives, and non-Muslims as part of continued Civilization Jihad.


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One Response to “Justin Trudeau-another useful idiot dhimmi or a closet Muslim jihadist?”

  1. John Kosh Says:

    Here’s what I personally have to say about Justin Trudeau.

    This is the tyrant dictatorship under the regime of the Crime Minister of Canada of which we are presently forced to live under. A man without fear of reprisals or conscious. A megalomaniac individual who is an uninhibited egotistical puerile individual of whom only cares about himself, his image and his own secret agenda with ulterior motives.
    Well done little Caesar well done. I bow down to your supreme knowledge and wisdom and thoughtfulness for all the good you’ve done to us Canadians and humanity. However, Mr.Justin Trudeau in truthful objective retrospect, I must say you are the worst leader our great country has ever had the unfortunate period of being disgraced with. In just 4 short embarrassing years. Your tyrannical dictatorship leadership introduced laws which robbed ALL Canadians from speaking out against you because you manifested out of thin air on our tax dollars the INTERNET POLICE COMMITTEE who quiets truths spoken out loud, in particular about YOU. As well not permitting criticisms of a certain so called religion of peace except that YOUR law was biased and one fold, a type of double standard and it didn’t protect the rights of other religious faiths and freedoms from being ridculed under YOUR HATE SPEECH LAW, did it Mr. Trudeau ? At the same time getting your bill passed for the hate speech law in Parliament you Mr. Selfie Sock crazed man of and for the people put our entire country into irreversible debt, spending like a drunken sailor giving to everywhere and any filthy cause except providing for your own people. Infact, it would be impossible for our great grand children to pay it back and still the while you indulge in entitlement spending on your personal needs and home repairs of tens of millions of dollars and then fly off on frivolous vacations all over the world to take more vane selfies on our tax dollars for which you were hired to be responsible for and you never even considered the common Canadian’s needs, the one’s that sleep in the streets on cold winter nights, the one’s who served our country to protect our charter of rights and freedoms against ironically speaking people like YOU Mr. Justin Trudeau and yet you bring hoards of non speaking immigrants who have no background checks or you have them destroyed if they do for whatever reason by our protective RCMP and put them up in hotels and give them a minimum of 1 year of benefits and social assistance, boy you’re a saviour aren’t you ? A real decent moral caring selfless man right ? This is hypocrisy at it’s zenith.
    Treason is what we hear as Canadians spewing forth out of your forked tongue when you speak Mr.Justin Trudeau. Spineless character is what we hear and it resonates with truth when you attempt to protect the indigenous rights or when go up to bat for us during trade talks with world leaders or when you speak of the middle class, shame on you. All your actions defines your very nature of who you really are, an incompitent leader that was never fit to run a country but you were chosen weren’t you ? Perhaps the last election was rigged or fixed in your favour ? Who knows ? Not I, except for certain I know I never voted for an individual of your moral turpitude. Fake as you are, it’s evident you have no consideration for the common man or their struggles. It is unfortunate that Canada believed legalizing marijuana was it’s primary objective than it’s moral and ethical obligations, sadly this is our indoctrinated youth of today. Legalizing Marijuana was more pressing than considering comprimising our independent sovereignty to the UN’s worldwide agenda of the destruction of the traditional family, abortion and national independence. Yes indeed Crime Minister Trudeau you are the real deal, a real sweet peach of a leader. The real deal breaker who sold out Canada to the world Banksters, Globalists, UN the Saudi Oil princes right under our very noses because Canada trusted you that’s why and you had plans didn’t you ? We have no one to blame but ourselves. Be gone Justin Trudeau be gone like a mist of steam and a forgotten nightmare and may you go down in history as the epitome of Canada’s dark period. May the history books write the truths of your neglect and thoughtless, careless incompetent behaviour towards your own. A man’s short lived legacy of a treasonous tyrant run dictatorship under the guise of a so called humanitarian leader, huh what a way to go Justin what a way to go. A leader without morals, scruples not even a shred of dignity can bare your bones. A leader who’d sacrifice his own people’s sovereignty and independence for his own political gain only to satisfy the handful of filthy rich families who create wars and rule the banking infastructure of the world which want to see the downfall of what we call Western civilization, this is their last frontier to control and you have made the deal with the devil. It confounds my understanding because you have no sorrow or remorse as to how someone as yourself can openly revoke our rights, strip Canadian sovereignty and give it to the UN, increase personal taxes based on false climate truths, increase abortion spending world wide killing more and more unborn children, protecting terrorists and openly welcoming them here to walk freely amongst our Canadian citizens and then bend the truth whilst erasing their criminal records and you have no fear of any reasonable reprocussions, it baffles any law abiding citizen’s collective thought process. Wow you are some kind of delusional enigma believing you’re a jewel in the eyes of most perhaps more than I can fathom to believe. You paid off the media to keep silent about the untold factual truths that Canadians not only expect but it’s our right and your moral duty as a CIVIL SERVANT to recognize and follow through with being held accountable. I’m sure happy that I’m not in your shoes Mr.Justin Trudeau because what you have done to this great country of ours is definetly a treasonous act on many fronts, an act of war some might say. If only you’d allow yourself the opportunity to be tried in an open court by the people of this great nation then the record would be set straight but we all know that is a pipe dream. Speaking of pipe dreams is another one of your famous acts of treason to the Western provinces of Canada and to the rest of Canada. What you have dismantled and corrupted and broken in these short 4 years may never be repairable after your tyrannical reign as little Caesar is long gone but not soon forgotten. Hopefully after this October you’re terminated then publicly tried by a criminal court of justice but that’s wishful thinking and fantasy. The crux of the healing begins when you are kicked out and ridiculed where ever you visit because that is still too good for you and if you win again… you will more than likey encourage the separation of Canada. What will you do then ? Send out our own military to battle and fight against it’s own people ? Judging by your father the late Pierre Trudeau for his actions I have to admit the old adage “The fruit doesn’t fall far from it’s tree” because four more years will feel like an eternity under your so called leadership regime.

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