Muslim clock kid Ahmed’s Halloween costume

In case someone asks who the Muslim clock kid Ahmed (aka Muzzy Junior) is, here is the synopsis.

Muzzy Junior's Halloween costume

Muzzy Junior’s Halloween costume in USA.


Muzzy Junior's Halloween costume in Sudan

Muzzy Junior’s Halloween costume in Sudan.


Crossed dressing Muzzy Senior

Crossed dressing Muzzy Senior Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed who runs the Arabic-language National Reform Party’s Facebook page which shared a 14-min consipiracy theory video on the 9/11 attacks and a post that showed the smoking Twin Towers, describing it as a U.S. sponsored hoax to launch a worldwide war against Islam.


Muzzy Junior's cow mother and cow sisters

Muzzy Junior’s cow mother and 2 cow sisters in their perennial Halloween costumes.


Muzzy Junior's paternal relatives

Muzzy Junior’s PATERNAL relatives in their perennial Halloween costumes.


Muzzy Junior's maternal relatives

Muzzy Junior’s MATERNAL relatives in their perennial Halloween costumes.


Muzzy clan's rehearsing for trick-or-treat

Muzzy clan’s rehearsal for trick-or-treats.


Muzzy Junior's uncle's hanky panky rampage

Muzzy Junior’s uncle’s hanky panky rampage. The terrorist uncle, another Mo (how creative!), Aldean Mohammed, must be in for a different kind of trick-or-treat, after naming his garbage trucking company ‘Twin Tower Transportation Corp.‘ possibly to mock the American tragedy of the 9/11 attack that killed nearly 3,000 civilians.


Muzzy Junior's aunt robs bank

Muzzy Junior’s aunt robs bank to pay for his legal fees, caught red handed by security camera. Maybe she can hide some of the money she robs to pay for her own legal defense.


Muzzy Junior's beautiful cousins

Muzzy Junior’s beautiful cousins, aptly named ‘Trashes’.


Obama's Halloween costume

Hussein Obama’s Halloween costume, just in time to show solidarity with his little Muzzy brethen. Evidences show that the Muslim-In-Chief didn’t even know what the clock looked like when he tweeted the above ‘Cool clock …’


Muzzy Junior's new Google car

Muzzy Junior’s new Google self-driving car that comes with 2 pre-ordered Muzzy wives, age 6 & 7, from Sudan no less, all had khifaḍ (Arabic: خِفَض‎), aka pharaonic circumcision (Female Genital Mutilation or FMG).


Hillary Clinton's Halloween costume

Assumption and fear sure don’t keep us safe, neither do breaking rules nor taking bribes at the expense of national security. Hillary Clinton needs a wand broomstick to ride sweep things under the rug, and a piece of cloth to wipe her email servers. 


de Blasio's Halloween costume

… and Bill de Blasio is lucky that his Muzzy and ISIS protégés have not conquered Rome, killed the Pope (and beheaded Julius Caesar) yet, as they have warned so repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the orgies continue, and so does the Muzzies’ Civilization Jihad (aka Stealth Jihad), trying to gradually impose Shariah Law on the host countries with their incessant demands for special accommodations (Connecticut town Milforld’s Libtards just ban Halloween to pander to Muslims, for example).

Patriot Americans should fight the Muzzies to protect the U.S. Constitution, preserve the American culture, and keep their traditions alive!

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