Patriotic Heroine vs liberal traitors-Irving, TX

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Patriotic Heroine versus liberal traitors-Irving, TX, regarding the resolution of Supporting Passage of State Legislation (HB 562), relating to the Application of Foreign Laws and Foreign Forum Selection in a Proceeding Involving Marriage, a Suit for Dissolution of a Marriage, or a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship in This State (Requested by Council Member LaMorgese, Mayor Van Duyne, and Council Member Ward)

As shown in the video (above), Mayor Beth Van Duyne exemplified herself, with both grace and professionalism, along with her compatriots Mr. Thomas Spink, Mr. Gerald Farris, and Mr. Brad M. LaMorgese, in defending the U.S. Constitution and American values against the Benedict Arnold’s of Irving, TX, the traitors Allan E. Meagher, Dennis Webb (his tirade in the video clearly showed his two-faced, treasonous stance), John Danish, and Joe Putnam. Thanks to the traitors, the vote result was extremely close 5-4, just enough to uphold American Laws against foreign laws, including the Muslims’ Shariah Law.


Van Duyne picture Beth Van Duyne, Mayor (at – large)
Term of Office: 2014-2017
Phone: (972) 721-2410
Mayor Van Duyne Biography
Councilman Oscar Ward Oscar Ward, Place 5
Term of Office: 2014-2017
Phone: (469) 704-8479
Councilman Ward Biography
Councilman Brad LaMorgese Brad M. LaMorgese, Place 6
Term of Office:  2012-2015
Phone: (214) 460-1990
Councilman LaMorgese Biography
Councilman Gerald Farris Gerald Farris, Mayor Pro Tem, Place 7
Term of Office:  2013-2016
Phone:  (972) 523-0784
Councilman Farris Biography
Councilman Thomas D. Spink Thomas D. Spink, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, 
Place 8 (at-large)
Term of Office: 2012-2015
Phone: (972) 554-1300
Councilman Spink Biography


John Danish Allan E. Meagher Place 2 (at-large)
Term of Office:  2013-2016
Phone: (972) 313-0808
Councilman Meagher Biography
Allan Meagher John C. Danish, Place 1
Term of Office: 2013-2016
Phone:  (469) 507-9207
Councilman Danish Biography
Councilman Dennis Webb Dennis Webb, Place 3
Term of Office:  2014-2017
Phone:  (214) 490-9749
Councilman Webb Biography
Councilman Joe Putnam Joe Putnam, Place 4
Term of Office: 2012-2015
Phone:  (972) 259-2626
Councilman Putnam Biography


Muslim campaigning for Shariah Law in Irving, TX

Muslim campaigning for Shariah Law in Irving, TX

Muslim organizers politically galvanized their community Muslims to systematically call and email the city council members, fill out and send templated ‘click and send’ letters (hence, the 170 identical letters mentioned in the video) to CAIR’s portal software that automatically addressed to the council member located in the user’s home town based on his/her input address, and of course, show up at the meetings in large number. As indicated in the video, many Muslims had NOT even read the bill, nor understood what it was about. Yet, they followed the terrorist designated puppet master CAIR’s instructions to the dotted ‘t’. Below is their Facebook event calendar in preparation for their campaign, with a Muslim with the Facebook username Delhi Ekambo, and signed ‘Kim Morris’ in one of the letters (please see below), and another Muslim with Facebook username Suhaib Khalid.


Muslim campaigning for Shariah Law in Irving, TX

Muslim campaigning for Shariah Law in Irving, TX

  1) anti-Sharia bill: how can the bill supporting Passage of State Legislation (HB  562) be anti-Sharia if the  word ‘Sharia’ (nor  ‘Islam’, nor even ‘religion’) has not  been mentioned anywhere in the bill? If  anything, it is an anti-anti-American  (yes,  double negatives) bill, and rightfully  so. After all, this is  America where the bill has been introduced and its  provisional law would be  drafted, no? Has there been any law drafted just to be anti, or antagonistic  toward the land and its citizens, and supportive of a foreign  group instead?
  2) scare the public: this bill, or any bills for that matter, would likely not have  scared the public more than what the public has been scared already by Islamic  teachings and the conducts of its members across the globe, in the Muslim  neighborhoods, and even within the Muslim families.
  3) isolate the Muslim community: Muslim community isolates itself. Nothing  has isolated the Muslim community as it does by and to itself. Similarly, no-go  zones were  created by Muslims, not by anyone else.
  4) family and arbitration services utilized by the Muslim community do no violate local, state, or federal laws, and are in fact, compliant with them: arbitration services would be fine, but Shariah Courts consist of Muslim judges who are neither authorized nor properly licensed to practice laws in US, and not by authorized and properly licensed American judges. Big difference!
  5) defend our 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion and expression: US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights effectively and legally guarantee that already.
  6) Islamophobia: oh please, phobia is an irrational fear, fear (and loathing) of Islam and Muslims is anything but irrational.
  7) LARGE NUMBERS: nothing like size and large numbers to overwhelm, intimidate, and harass any opponents and victims, right?

Mayor Beth Van Duyne’s facebook post:

1) reaffirming that our courts will consider matters based on AMERICAN laws and statues is, therefore, necessary: absolutely!

2) send a positive message: you bet!

3)  to protect our courts: totally!


Terrorist Affiliated CAIR's Click-and-Send Letter

CAIR’s Click-and-Send Letter

CAIR’s templated letter that was to be sent to the automatically generated (thanks to  software application) official address of the user’s representative’s official address,  based on the user’s input    address.

1) Constitutional freedom and civil liberties: Texans and anyone who  value Constitutional freedom and  civil liberties would vote for something that  advocates honor-killings, wife-beatings, sexual-grooming,  pedophilia, women-  enslaving, property-right nullifying?

2) Anti-Muslim: as clearly indicated by the Mayor, the word ‘Muslim’ was NOT even  mentioned in the  bill, and neither was ‘Shariah Law’ nor even ‘religion’. How could  the bill be anti-‘something’ when that  ‘something’ was not indicated nor referenced?

3) One of several anti-Muslim bills: What are those several bills!?

4) ‘Anti-foreign law’ or ‘American Laws for American Courts’: of course, this is America, is it not? If the Laws are not for American Courts, why were they drafted at the first place? Should American Laws have been drafted for Russian Courts? or you really meant for Muslim Shariah Courts? Should American laws NOT be anti-foreign law? Should American laws be drafted to be pro foreign laws over American laws then? What an asinine deposition!

5) Infringes: how?

6) Islamic marriage contracts: as long as they do not conflict with the American laws, but once they do, guess which ones should take precedence, and no ‘andbut, or, so, yet, for, nor’ ?!

7) Islamic wills: same as above

8) International adoption: same as above

9) Foreign marriages: same as above.

10) Islamophobia: phobia is an irrational fear. Fear (and loathing) of Islam and Muslims is anything but irrational.

11)  First Amendment Right to freedom of religion and expression: all Americans, both native and naturalized, are guaranteed those rights. The new bill was actually created to protect those rights in line with upholding the US Constitution. Why is there a need for you to defend them?

12)  ‘Click and send’ letter: how convenient! No wonder identical letters were sent. No wonder they were sent so fast.

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