Traitorous, Sharia compliant news outlets

Traitorous, Sharia compliant news outlets

Muslim biased websitesOn the days after 4 U.S. Marines and 1 U.S. Sailor were barbarously gunned down by a Muslim terrorist, this is how some of the seemingly bought-out (by Saudi petrodollars), traitorous news outlets showed their true colors and expressed how they felt about the incident and the ultimate sacrifices of those servicemen.

1. Washington Post

a. Blame the Islamic terrorist’s action on mental health problem

As the above links now direct to empty places, as it seems that the dishonest, corrupt Washington Post has surreptitiously deleted the article from its website. However, a somewhat similar copy, albeit with different content, can be found at the Baltimore Sun.
A family spokesman says a Kuwaiti-born man who shot and killed five service members in Tennessee suffered mental health problems <blame #1> since his early teen years and also fought drug and alcohol abuse. Jay Reeves and Michael Biesecker | AP | National | Jul 19, 2015
A family spokesman says a Kuwaiti-born man who shot and killed five service members in Tennessee suffered mental health problems since his early teen years and also fought drug <blame #2> and alcohol <blame #3> abuse.
<nearly 27,000 Muslims since 9/11 must have fought drug and alcohol abuses, too?>

Authorities and friends say they’ve seen no evidence that Abdulazeez was a Muslim radical, and the spokesman says the man’s relatives didn’t, either.<uh, most Americans think otherwise>

The representative says Abdulazeez spent months in Jordan last year, but only to help him get away from substance abuse and a group of friends who relatives considered a bad influence. <yeah, right. And these people were on vacation ! Not only that, to say leaving the West for the Middle East to get away from bad influences is like to leave the house to dive into a swamp to get away from the mosquitoes. >

b. Blame the Islamic terrorist’s action on drugs use, and  just being an “Arabian redneck”

Abdulazeez called himself the “Arabian redneck”  and, until recently, didn’t appear to be devout. Greg Jaffe, Cari Wade Gervin and Thomas Gibbons-Neff | National | Jul 19, 2015

A few months before he killed five U.S. service members in a shooting rampage here, the 24-year-old gunman, who often joked that he was just an “Arabian redneck,” <blame #4> was smoking marijuana with friends.<yep, just a benign good ol’ American(ized) provincial chap trying to have some genuine, honest fun with occasional, recreational drug use. We got all that picture you are trying to paint!>

Abdulazeez was arrested for driving under the influence, according to court papers, an incident sharply at odds with blog posts in which he portrayed himself as a devout Muslim and his existence in this world a “prison of monotony and routine.”<Sound awfully similar to an another Muslim ISIS scum Jihad John. Muslims are truly among the worst of filthy shameless hypocrites>

The portrait emerging of Abdulazeez isn’t one of a committed Muslim or vengeful jihadist, but rather an aimless young man <blame #5> who came from a troubled home <blame #6> and struggled to hold down a job <blame #7> after college, said friends and law enforcement officials. <yep, just like 2 millions troubled, jobless kids in U.S. annually coming from dysfunctional families, who eventually commit mass murders, … wait!>

He never dated <blame #8>, the friend said. <ok, ok we got that he is a dateless, lonely youth that is traditionally prone to violence and murder>

In a statement, his family said Abdulazeez’s mental illness had contributed to the crime. “For many years, our son suffered from depression. It grieves us beyond belief to know that his pain found its expression in this heinous act of violence,” the statement said. <mental illness too? ok, ok we got that he was a dateless, lonely youth who was traditionally prone to violence, and as if that was not enough, he got mental illness, too. Poor guy, indeed! But wait, patients with depression do NOT normally kill people. There is a small fraction of depressive patients with suicidal ideas or ideation, among those, only a small fraction actually carried out the act, and among those, only a small fraction actually succeeded. So which is it-was Mr. Muzzie really a depressive patient or you are just using the usual goddamn, pathetic Muslim taqiyya/kitman?

Abdulazeez had been in and out of treatment for his depression and frequently stopped taking his medication <blame #9>, despite his parents’ pleas for him to continue, said a person close to the family. <ok, ok, we got that, the harmless, dateless, occasionally weed-smocking, provincial chap with chronic depression was also non-compliant with his medications, hence his thought and actions were not only beyond his self-control but also not being under control of the medications. Such poor kid, indeed! And his exemplary Muslim parents really did fulfill their parental responsibility by asking and pleading him to do the right thing. Got it!>

Abdulazeez smoked pot occasionally and then would feel guilty <blame #10> for violating his faith and beat himself up for it, said the close friend who has known Abdulazeez for 15 years and was recently questioned by the FBI. The friend, also a Muslim, spoke to The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity because he is concerned for his family’s privacy.

The friend said Abdulazeez was especially ashamed <blame #11> of his DUI arrest, which led to his mugshot being posted online and in Just Busted, a newspaper sold at local gas stations. “He was pretty upset about it,” said the friend, who spoke with Abdulazeez almost daily in the weeks and days leading up to the shooting. “It was kind of degrading to him.” <yep, feeling guilty about violating his faith and feeling ashamed about his DUI arrest, both on his own volition, sure make a good argument for committing mass murder… NOT! What a loser, sounds an awful lot like Jihadi John, or Tsarnaev brothers, and millions of Muslim low-lives who drink, smoke then kill to repent. As there is a difference between the radical Muslims and the moderate Muslims (the radical Muslims want to kill you, and the moderate Muslims want the radical Muslims to kill you), there is also a difference between the devout Muslims and the lax Muslims (the devout Muslims want to kill you because the Koran tells them to, to subjugate the Jews, the Christians, and the kafirs (non-believers) and the lax Muslims want to kill you also because the Koran tells them to as a way to repent their sins, and compensate for their guilt and violations. The kafirs just can’t win!>

“Take any typical Chattanoogan — Christian or Muslim — and he’s going to like to shoot guns, ride trucks and climb mountains,” the friend said. <Why the sudden religious references? Why the Christian reference? It is interesting that so-called accomplices witnesses volunteered information, used carefully chosen words, in a seemingly well-rehearsed statement, giving analogies to cover the terrorists. Oh ok, we got it! A depressed and medicinal non-compliant (according to terrorist family, but never sad-looking, according to friends), dateless, weed-smoking, booz-slurping, drunk-driving, truck-riding, mountain-climbing, gun-totting, provincial chap, self-proclaimed “Arabian Redneck”, is just so like any typical Chattanoogan, who would travel to Middle East multiple times, for lengthy stays, quote violent passages in Koran, frequent terrorist websites, grow Islamic beard, get rejected from jobs due to failed background check, before committing mass murder …. NOT!

Abdulazeez’s father was angry when he spotted one of the assault rifles in their home, and Abdulazeez hid other guns <blame #12> from him. “His dad was always against him having guns and said they weren’t safe to have around the house,” the friend said. Abdulazeez insisted that he was old enough to handle them responsibly.<If true, Abdulazeez Mr. terrorist senior must have belonged to a few terrorists who felt guns weren’t safe to have around the house, as Abdulazeez Sr. was on FBI’s terrorist watch list for funding Hamas. Apparently, killer ideology triumphs all, as Abdulazeez terrorist junior managed to have bought 4 guns in total, including two assault rifles, an AK-74 and an AR-15, and a Saiga 12 pistol-grip shotgun, before committing mass murder>

The friend and Abdulazeez — along with two other young Muslim men — spent hundreds of hours together over the past four years, including the weeks and months leading up to the violent attack. Sometimes <not all the time?>they talked about the Middle East’s bloody wars, such as the battles between Israel and Hamas in Gaza and the chaos in Syria.

Abdulazeez blamed some of the bloodshed on U.S. foreign policy. <no kidding? ok blame #13. Indeed, nevermind that perpetual conflicts like Iran-Iraq War alone killed nearly 1 million Muslims. Muslims killing Muslims. Where was the West to blame there? Saudi-Yemen War killed 30,000 Muslims in just 3 months. Muslims killing Muslims.Where is the West to blame here?>

“All of us are upset right now about the fighting. It wasn’t anything that would throw up red flags,” said the friend. “We never would have seen this coming at all, but especially from him. Nobody suspected a thing. <sure?> If we had, we would have done something to prevent this from happening.<sure?>

Indeed, the most striking thing about the last days that Abdulazeez spent with friends is how normal they appear to have been. <you mean the scum appeared “normal” much like the Muslim terrorists Elton Simpson and Nadir Hamid Soofithe before attacking Gardland, TX? or the Tsarnaev brothers just before attacking Boston, MA?  how could something be considered striking if it is commonplace? It’s like saying the most striking thing about ISIS terrorists are just how normal or calm they appear before beheading someone> Two days before the shooting, he texted his friend to ask if he wanted to go hot-rodding outside

On Wednesday night, the friends exchanged texts for the last time. The friend was struggling with how to balance his Muslim faith with the more secular demands of his work, which included serving bacon to customers. <why not change job? Or he just wanted to hang around and sue the non-Muslim companies like this, this, or this, under the direct supervision of terrorist affiliated CAIR?>

Abdulazeez responded a quote from the prophet Muhammad — that speaks to the tensions in the world between believers and non-believers. “Whosoever shows enmity to a wali [friend] of Mine, then I have declared war against him,<yep, and that’s why Muslims have been killing each other for centuries?> it begins. It ends by encouraging devout Muslims to keep the faith and draw closer to God. <by murdering non-Muslims and other Muslims? We got it>

Although the exchange suggests Abdulazeez was devout, he often seemed to struggle with his faith. Abdulazeez was fasting for the Ramadan holiday, which requires Muslims not to eat or drink during daylight hours. But he doesn’t appear to have regularly attended his parents’ mosque in the months leading up to the shooting, according to members of the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga.

“The father came regularly. The mother did occasionally,” said Bassam Issa, the president of the society, which includes the mosque. “We really didn’t know much about the boy. He wasn’t around.” <great! just another Muslim hypocrites like any others.

Abdulazeez also struggled to find work after he graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with an engineering degree. He briefly landed a job at a nuclear power plant in Ohio but was dismissed when he failed a background check. He told friends he had failed the company’s drug test after smoking marijuana.<Liar! potential workers in U.S. are not allowed to work, even if hired, conditionally or otherwise, unless and until passing the drug test>

He remained in Ohio, where he lived with relatives and worked for a moving company.

Back home, his family also appeared to be struggling. His mother had filed for divorce in 2009, alleging physical and sexual abuse <a familial routine in the Islamic death cult.  More of a norm than the oposite>, but later pulled the petition. In recent years, their house, in a middle-class suburb of neatly tended lawns and towering oaks, began to fall into disrepair. The home’s wooden clapboards are warped, and the gray paint is peeling. The lawn is badly overgrown.

Issa said that immediately after the shooting, Abdulazeez’s father apologized for the damage his son had done. “He was distraught,” Issa said. “His voice was broken, and he said he was very sorry for what his son caused to the community of Chattanooga and the Islamic community here.” <blah, blah, blah, taqiyya, taqiyya, taqiyya, poor guy. must be celebrating his newly matyred son behind the scene that just had a union with 72 virgins, or was it 72 mutilated vaginas?>

Issa wondered if Abdulazeez had been radicalized during his several trips to Jordan, the last in 2014 when he was in the region for seven months.

It has to be the overseas trip that caused this,” he said. <sure? ok blame #14>

OK, let’s recap, shall we?

blame #1: Mental illness

Blame #2: alcohol abuse

Blame #3: drug abuse

Blame #4: being a country boy, “Arabian Redneck”

Blame #5: goal-lacking, as in “aimless young man”

Blame #6: coming from broken home

Blame #7: jobless

Blame #8: dateless

Blame #9: non-compliant with psychiatric medications

Blame #10: feeling guilty about smoking pot

Blame #11: feeling ashamed about DUI violation

Blame #12: guns

Blame #13: U.S. foreign policy

Blame #14: radicalized only abroad by bad guys

That’s a lot of blames to go around, as the common saying goes, but in this case originating only from a specific group of individuals, or namely the terrorist family and friends. To the Muslims, it’s always someone else’s faults. On the other hand, the Muslims are ordered by their death cult to deceive the kafirs by obfuscation, fabrication. and manipulation for the advances of Islam; therefore, the Muslim blaming is not strictly fault-finding but also refusing to confess the facts or admit the truths to further the goal of the cult; in short, it is not only defensive but also offensive.

2. The New York Times and The Associate Press

Blame the Islamic terrorist’s action on mental illness and drugs use 
Family Spokesman: Mental Issues Dogged Shooter Who Killed 5. condition of anonymity to avoid unwanted publicity. Authorities and friends say they’ve seen no evidence that Abdulazeez was a Muslim radical, and the spokesman says the man’s relatives didn’t, either. The representative says. U.S.Print Headline: “Family Spokesman: Mental Issues Dogged Shooter Who Killed 5”

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A family spokesman says a Kuwaiti-born man who shot and killed five service members in Tennessee suffered mental health problems since his early teen years and also fought drug and alcohol abuse.

A representative of the family of 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez says relatives believe those struggles are at the heart of last week’s killings at a pair of military sites in Chattanooga.

The person spoke Sunday on condition of anonymity to avoid unwanted publicity.

Authorities and friends say they’ve seen no evidence that Abdulazeez was a Muslim radical, and the spokesman says the man’s relatives didn’t, either. <taqiyya/kitman>

The representative says Abdulazeez spent months in Jordan last year, but only to help him get away from substance abuse and a group of friends who relatives considered a bad influence. <taqiyya/kitman>

 3. The New Yorker

Blame the Islamic terrorist’s action on lax gun laws
As attacks inspired by ISIS are becoming increasingly common, are gun laws magnifying the problem of domestic terrorism?

4. Wonkette

Dismiss the Islamic terrorist’s action as that of a Lone Wolf with Muslimy Name

FBI finds no ties of Tennessee shooting suspect to international terror groups

The FBI said on Thursday it had found nothing that ties a man suspected of gunning down four Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to an international terrorist organization. At a news conference, the FBI said it was still looking for a motive…

6. NPR

Blame the Islamic terrorist’s action on mental illness

Family Of Chattanooga Shooter Says He Suffered From Depression by SCOTT NEUMAN

7. The Dallas Morning News

Blame the Islamic terrorist’s action on lunacy and gun laws
“Any unhinged lunatic with a gun, the weapon of choice in most of these mass killings, can wreak havoc, whether he’s carrying out a personal vendetta or an act of terrorism”
If such violence can happen at two military facilities in Chattanooga; if two people can attack an art exhibit depicting caricatures of prophet …

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