Warnings from an ex-Muslim (Part 1)

Warning: Muslim nearby

Warnings from an ex-Muslim (Part 1)

True and chilling words as warnings from an ex-Muslim:

“…This so called ‘radicalization’ only happens to Muslims because it is an integral part of their religion. It happens no matter where they go including staying in their own native lands. I grew up in the Muslim religion but I left it and it’s the best decision I ever made! Trust me when I tell you that there is NOTHING Sweden or France or Norway or England or the U.S. can do to prevent this so called ‘radicalization’! It is not about giving them jobs or showing them acceptance! It is about their hellish religion. Violence is inherent in it! If you don’t understand this soon enough you will be just another ‘kafir’ in just another conquered land and your life won’t be worth a damn! Wake up Westerners!

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