Philly Mayor Jim Kenney-Sharia compliant dhimmi Muslim ass kisser

Philly Mayor Jim Kenney-Sharia compliant dhimmi Muslim ass kisser

1. Brief Biography: 

Jim Kenney graduatedPhiladelphia Mayor Jim Kenney from Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School in 1976. He received a bachelor’s degree from La Salle University in Philadelphia.

James Francis “Jim” Kenney (born August 7, 1958) is a Democratic politician, a former member of the City Council of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the 99th Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, sworn in on January 4, 2016. He was the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Philadelphia in the 2015 election, having won the crowded primary election by a landslide on May 19, 2015, thanks to his traitorous making multiple deals and agreements with the Muslim voters. On November 3, 2015 he was elected Mayor of Philadelphia, defeating his Republican rival Melissa Murray Bailey.

Jim Kenney, who was first elected to the Philadelphia City Council in 1991, held his At-Large Council seat for 23 years from January 1992 until January 29, 2015, when he resigned from the City Council to launch his candidacy for Mayor of Philadelphia.

2. Shooting incidence 

Muslim shoots policeman, in extremely close range, in the name of Islam, Philadelphia, PA. Jan 08, 2016. The Muzzy terrorist’s hand and gun were literally inside the cruiser at one point, momentarily stopped at the intersection between Spruce St. and 6th St., Center City, through the car’s open window, to intentionally kill the policeman via execution style. Fortunately, most of the bullets from his 13 shots missed and only 3 bullets hit the arm, and not the more vital parts of the victim. Though bleeding heavily, officer Jesse Hartnett was able to return fire, with 3 shots, 1 of which hit and injured Muzzy terrorist Edward Archer who is quickly apprehended by other backup police officers.

Muslim savage shoots kuffar Philadelphia policeman in the name of Islam.


Commissioner Richard Ross says the suspect has given a full confession, saying he did it in the name of Islam.

Hours after he shot a Philadelphia police officer with a stolen police firearm Thursday night, Edward Archer confessed to investigators that he had acted “in the name of Islam,” authorities said.

“I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State, and that’s why I did what I did,” Mr. Archer told detectives, according to Homicide Capt. James Clark.

Despite the Muzzy terrorist’s own confession, the corrupted, traitorous, and Sharia compliant Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney blatantly went on to say, “In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen. It [the shooting] is abhorrent. It is terrible and it does not represent the religion in any way, shape or form or any of its teachings. This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”

Traitorous, corrupted, Sharia compliant, Muslim ass kisser Jim Kenney insists the attack has nothing to do with Islam, negating the Muslim terrorist’s own admission.


3. Evidences

a. While running for office, Kenney consistently reached out to the Muslim community for support.

b. In July 2015, he signed a “pledge to combat bigotry” at the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society. The pledge was created by the Arab American Institute, an anti-Israel organization that seeks to promote Arab politicians for higher office. In signing the pledge, Kenney, agreed to combat criticism of Islam, and to “speak out” against ‘Islamophobia.’

c. As per his activity calendar for Jan 09, 2016 …

Community Paint Day at Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy
January 9, 2016
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy, 1501 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19122, United States

d. Twitter tweets


Judge Jeanine blasts Muslim ass kisser Jim Kenney for blatantly lying.


4. Conclusion

Sharia compliant dhimmi and Muslim ass kissing traitorous Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

This typifies the huge problem in America and the Western Europe today, of having too many sell-out corrupted, traitorous, Sharia compliant vermin in key positions in the government, the media, and the academia-these were well thought-out, carefully selected (by the Wahhabi countries Saudi Arabia and Qatar) targets for ample petrodollar allocations for bribery aka “special gifts”, supplied mostly by the same wealthy Wahhabi countries, to infiltrate and buy political power used to influence U.S. policy at the city, municipal, county, state, and federal levels, with the ultimate goal of weakening America and destroying it from within.


A Nation cannot survive Treason from within

Besides personal gain of monetary value and “special gifts”, as detailed in the section (3) above, there are promises of unified and substantial Muslim votes from imams and Muslim communities as well. Philadelphia current has 200,000 Muslims, no doubt as a direct result of Hussein Obama’s annual import of 100,000 Muslims into U.S., enough to move the needle for an election win based on the city’s total population of 1,526,006, according to statistics for 2015. Based on his words and actions, it is abundantly clear that Jim Kenney wants to maximize his chance of successful landings on subsequent reelections by essentially ass kissing the Muslims, including deflecting any criticism of Islam and Muslims, in complete disregard of the evidences and facts presented, no matter how overwhelming they might be! It seems less than a week on the job, the basturd has already shown his true color. This does not bode well for the Philadelphians who will have to smell it for the next four years, unless they decide to flush the toilet and remove it. Unfortunately, this lowly self-serving traitor is not alone but one of many, perhaps tens of thousands, of corrupted and Shariah compliant mayors nationwide who were hopping that themselves too would be reelected again and again, by their loyal Muzzy voting blocks, based on historical records, as long as they too would do their part of ass-kissing the Muslims and importing more of them into their respective cities.

With a severely compromised leadership, America, along with the rest of the Western European civilization, is heading toward calamity and annihilation due to unbridled greed for money, fame, and power.

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.


Wake up, America! Wake up, free world!

Vote for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump! Get all members of your family and relatives involved! Whatever you do, DO NOT STAY HOME ON ELECTION DAY!

Vote in true American patriots.

Vote out the infiltrated enemy & their filthy collaborators, the corrupted dhimmi traitors! Flush the toilet!


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